Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's Cookin' Wednesday!

Anything hot is what's cookin' this week.  Here in NC we are experiencing some of the coldest temps ever.  The snow and ice is melting in the sun this morning, but there might be more on the way and the temps are not expected to rise but only fall more in the coming days!  Yikes!  Where is spring????

Here are the soups I've made this week.  That's the best thing for these cold days.  It goes great with the breadsticks I made last week and stuck in the freezer.  They freeze so well.  Just pop in the microwave and honestly it's like they just came out of the oven!

Stay warm and I hope your family enjoys!

Chicken and Gnocchi

I used chicken breast instead of thighs, omitted the celery and used a little celery salt, and used regular cream of chicken soup and a tsp of garlic was tasty!

Black Bean and Quinoa Chili

I omitted the bell peppers and zucchini.  I did add about 1/3 cup of chunky salsa.  This was very yummy and warm to the tummy as well!


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