Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Cookin' Wednesday!

My husband and I both do not like  mayonnaise.  I am sure we have eaten things that it is mixed into and not known it, and we are still alive.  But if we were to see it in the ingredients, we just could not stomach it.  You have to make it without us knowing it for us to eat....and plllllease never tell us when we have actually eaten it!!!!

My youngest daughter had a similar experience recently.  I have been "making" her yogurt.  She looooooves yogurt, but the kinds focused towards kids are so high in sugar.  I have been buying plain yogurt, no sugar and no fat, and mixing 1/3 cup with 1 Tbsp of all natural fruit jelly.  She has loved it, until she actually saw me mixing it.  The moment she realized it wasn't what she was used to, she stopped eating it.  She knew it wasn't her usual yogurt and she decided she didn't like it.  I came to realize I had to mix it before she got to the breakfast table.  If she doesn't watch me make it, she loves it!

I know mayonnaise makes cakes moist, dips creamy, and it is the glue for some delicious crabcakes.  That still does not make me like it as an ingredient.  Same with life's trials.  I know I learn from them, they help me grow, and God uses trials to make me the best person I can be, but that doesn't make me like them.  Just like disgusting ingredients can make a yummy recipe, difficult trials can produce fantastic results.  I don't like to watch God mix them into my life, but I know He uses them for my betterment.   I am better for the trials I have been through in life, and thankfully God has been holding my hand through every single trial I have faced!

Today's verse
James 1:12
"Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." 

This is a fun treat that we have used for years at our family gatherings.  There is never one left.  My aunt made them this weekend using regular MM's for a rainbow birthday party for her grandaughter.  I made them this weekend for a church gathering using fall colored MM's.  You can use whatever color goes best with your next gathering.  I also add these to goody baskets during Christmas time.  They are always a hit and everyone always wants to know how to make these yummy treats.  Soooooo simple.

Simply lay your square or small twist pretzels on a foil lined cookie pan.  Place your unwrapped rolos on each pretzel.  Place in the oven for about 3-4 minutes with the oven set to 300 degrees.  Do not let the candies melt too much or lose their shape.  Just pull them out when the chocolate is shiny.  As soon as you remove from oven, gently press in an MM.  My mom likes to press in pecan halves for a turtle candy.  That is yummy too.  I hope your family enjoys!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nobody can do it all!

A verse or passage can speak to us in different ways at different times.  I have had this happen on numerous occasions.  A verse can calm my heart in a special way one day and then be applicable for a whole new trial a few weeks later.  Verses can also have different meanings to different people.  That is one of the miracles of God creating each of us.  We are all unique and different in some way.  Just an amazing thing to really think about the billions of people that live, have lived and will live...and our Creator made each of us just the way we are.  I can interpret a verse in one way and it might speak to you in a totally different way.

This was evident to me after reading a devotion this morning.  I loved the way the author applied the key verses to her point.  I could really see and feel what she was trying to portray from Acts 6:1-7.  But after I read the passage again, I had a completely different perspective.  The verses refer to the disciples finding other men of God to help them serve and complete the tasks at hand...spreading the gospel, praying, and  taking care of the widows.  The author's point was we need to use our talents for the Lord.  And while this is certainly applicable and we do need to use our talents for God's work, I felt a different meaning in my heart...nobody can do it all!!!  Sometimes we have to stop what we are doing and ask for help.

These disciples were closer to Jesus than anyone else.  They had walked with Him, served with Him, helped perform miracles with Him, and listened to His every word.  But now Jesus had died, arose and ascended to heaven, and they were left to spread His Good News.  They needed help.  This was a big job and they couldn't do it alone!

I talked about never being alone in the last post.  We need God's help, strength and guidance to get through every day.  But in addition to His eternal love, it is also nice to have family and friends we can lean on and depend on as well.  We need those people we can count on to support us and encourage us.  Someone to walk beside us and remind us we can do anything with God's help.

The disciples needed help!  What makes us think we don't need anyone's help?

A church cannot be ran by just the pastor and his staff...they need the help of the congregation to function.
A business cannot be ran by the CEO alone...he needs all his support staff to operate.
A school cannot achieve the highest academic achievement with only a principle...every teacher, assistant, and worker is needed for the betterment of the children.
A family cannot live in unity if only one member is trying to be the glue...every member must contribute.
A mom cannot do it ALL...we must rely on others to help us!

I think I might need to type that last one again...

A mom cannot do it ALL...we must rely on others to help us!

We have to ask for help sometimes.  It may mean asking our husband, our mother, our mother-in-law, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, or a friend.  We all need help sometimes.  We cannot be afraid to ask!

Today's Verse
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 "Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.  For it they fall, the one will lift up his fellow:  but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."

"Two are better than one"'s not just an old saying, but a Bible verse!  We can take away countless life lessons from every story in the Bible.  I learned this morning, that even the strongest men in the Bible had to ask for help, and it was ok.  The world is not going to stop when you admit you can't do it all.

Next week I would like to continue on this subject...nobody can do it all.  A lot of key people in the Bible had helpers sent along to assist them, and I'd like to discuss that concept a little more.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pep talk

I was giving myself a pep talk earlier today...

"Yes, you can do this!!!!  This is not going to be that hard.  You can do this.  This is easy.  Don't think about the negative.  Think about the positives.  You can do this!!!!"

But less than a few minutes later, I was ready to throw in the towel again...

"No I can't do this.  It is too hard.  There are a loooooooot of negatives that are sooooooooo easy to focus on.  No I really cannot do this!!!!"

What was I giving up on...EVERYTHING!  My to do list, my writing, my being a stay-at-home-mom, the upcoming days of travel that comes along with my husbands job...EVERYTHING.  It all seemed too hard to handle, and my pep talk of "I can do this!" was completely wrong.

Then it hit me.

I can't do this.  That part is not a lie.  I can do nothing apart from God.  But I heard in my heart, "We can do this.  We can do anything.  You have to focus on Me, but together WE CAN do this.  No you can't, but I can give you the strength you need."

There are days this stay-at-home-mom feels overwhelmed and under-appreciated, frustrated and helpless, and not sure if I am even making a difference in my children's lives by giving up my career.  There are days that I say, "I want to run away."  And while I am joking (for the most part), it is good to step away sometimes and evaluate the situation.  Spend a quiet moment with God.  Pour your heart out to Him.

I did that today... out-loud.  I gave the girls an art project and I stepped away and He sent verses my way to encourage me and strengthen me.  I can run away to Him, for He is my hiding place (Ps 32:7); I am learning more about God as  I teach my little ones of His love and forgiveness (Rom 2:21a); I can have rest in the Lord (Ps 37:7), and when my strength fails me (Ps 38:10) I still have hope in God (Ps 38:15).

There are days I don't think I can attempt potty-training any more, or get up at 5:20 to get everyone ready for school, or handle everything with my husband out of town, or ask my Kindergartner to hurry up in the morning for the fifth time...and no I can't, but thankfully with God's strength and guidance I can.  He and I are a team, and when I lean on Him, we can do anything (Phil 4:13).

Today's Verse
"And let us not be weary in well doing:  for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."  Galatians 6:9

This verse is a pep talk if I ever needed one.  I can't get weary even during my bad days, because if I "faint no't my prayer is my children will reap an eternal love for our Heavenly Father.  I cannot do this alone, and thankfully I never will be myself!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's Cookin' Wednesday!

Today only...2 pie plates...1 supper and 1 dessert...both equal deliciously yummy!!!!

First for supper.  Bisquick is this mama's best friend.  If you have never experienced a good old fashioned sausage ball, you are truly missing out.  But Bisquick is more than just for making pancakes and sausage balls, there are a lot of ideas for quick suppers also.  I like to use the low-fat Bisquick, but this works with either.  This is my take on the Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger pie recipe...

3/4 lb. lean hamburger
1/2 cup black beans
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp garlic
1/4 cup frozen diced onions

1/2 cup Bisquick
1/2 cup Egg Product or 2 eggs
1 cup skim milk

1 1/2 cups of favorite shredded cheese - I like to use a blended cheese like Pizza or Mexican blend

Brown the hamburger and drain off fat.  Add the beans, salt, garlic and spread in a greased pie dish.  I take the onions and only sprinkle over one half.  You can double the onions and put in the whole dish if desired or leave out completely.  My girls don't like the onions, so if your kiddos are like mine leave it out for their portion.  (Make sure you put a toothpick or something to tell which half the onions are in.)  In a seperate bowl whisk together Bisquick, milk and eggs.  Pour over hamburger mixture.  Then top with cheese.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes or until browned on top and set inside.

You can use a full pound of hamburger and leave out the beans.  My family just likes black beans and it helps me stretch our hamburger when I add the beans to this and taco recipes.  Also, another tip, I always brown several pounds of hamburger at one time.  I then divide up the ready to use hamburger and freeze.  It is ready for soups, sauces, chili, tacos, or of course hamburger pie on a busy night!


Now for dessert!!!

My oldest daughter had "Apple Day" at her school last week.  She did a lot of fun and educational things involving apples.  That evening we were inspired to create our own Apple dessert.  What we came up with turned out much better than expected!!!!

3 Tbsp butter
3 Tbsp brown sugar
2 Tbsp white sugar
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
3 medium granny smith apples - peeled and sliced thin
1 can of 8 ct. cinnamon rolls

We unrolled all but one of the cinnamon rolls and pressed five in a spiral shape around the bottom of greased pie plate.  We pressed the one whole cinnamon roll in the middle.  We browned the butter, sugars, cinnamon and apples in a saute pan for about 5 minutes or until the apples were beginning to get tender and the sugars had become caramelly (and no that is not a word but it is a good description!)  We poured the apples over the "crust" and then made a little lattice design with the 2 remaining rolls.  We baked for about 25 minutes on 350.  After removing from oven we drizzled with the icing.  MMMMMMM!!!!!  So good...especially with a little ice cream.  Perfect for fall!

I hope you enjoy!


Today's Verse
"Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it."  1 Thess 5:24

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Continuing after the hurt

I love to cook, and I have always loved to cook as long as I can remember.  I know I have told you all before about making supper for my mom and me, having a "Kim and Candice Cooking Show" after school, and looking through countless recipe books on a Saturday afternoon to find a new dessert to make for Sunday.  I have had many scary moments while cooking.  There have been the near house fires from hot grease, the burnt meals as well as burnt fingers, hands, and arms, the scratches and even deep cuts.  But through all the pain and hurt that I have experienced while cooking, I have kept on cooking.

I am typing this with two fresh cooking wounds that will be my battle scars.  I experienced my worse cooking burn that I have ever experienced on Sunday morning.  My arm will more than likely be forever scarred with this one and a half inch burn across my forearm.  Then this morning while peeling potatoes for supper, I managed to cut my finger badly with the peeler.  I don't handle blood well so I have bandaged it the best I can and will wait for my hubby to return this evening to really assess the damage.  And although it is throbbing I will still cook lunch and finish supper when the time comes.

My new love is writing.  And yes there is pain in that as well.  People may not like the thoughts I jot down on this post, or the last post, or even a post to come.  I have had articles rejected.  I am not sure exactly what the Lord will have me to do with this new love.  But, with the pains of the "no's" and the "I didn't like how you said that", I keep typing because these ideas and stories pop in my head.

Life is full of physical and emotional pain as well.  Our family can hurt our feelings.  A friend might betray us.  A coworker may try to get us in trouble.  Even our Christian family can cause emotional pain.  But we have to keep going.  We must forgive and we must move on.  Keep it up and never quit.

We love our family even after the hurt.  We forgive our friends even after the betrayal.  We pray for the coworker even after we've been wronged.  And we keep serving God even when one of His children causes us pain.  We are all sinners and we have to remember we will be hurt just like we will likely hurt someone ourselves.

If we keep on after the pain, the Lord will surely bless us.  He has forgiven us and we must forgive others as His Word clearly says.

Today's Verse
"But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed."  James 1:25

We can't just hear about what we should do, we have to be a "doer of the work".  I love that title.  God's Word is the "perfect law" and it is our job to not just hear about it, but to do it.  And He promises us blessings if we follow and do as His Word commands.

Keep on keeping matter the pain and hurt we face we have to continue the work we have been called to do.  For me, I will keep on raising my children through the frustrating days, keep on cooking through the injuries, keep on typing after the no's, and keep on serving in God's church after the hurts.

On a side note about fulfilling what you have been called to do...I had to take a spiritual gifts test earlier this year.  Through this process I started receiving a daily devotion focused toward workplace believers.  It has touched my heart in a lot of ways, and I know it has touched my husband as well who is a workplace believer in a public job.  If you would be interested in checking it out the website is below.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Being Prepared

It's Saturday night and I go into prep mode.  I lay out the girls dresses, socks/tights, shoes and of course the all important hairbows.  I get my outfit ready.  My loving and helpful husband picks out his clothes and even gets them ironed (I know... he is awesome!).  We get our Bibles together and place them in the "Bible bag".  I get a little bag ready for my youngest daughter with snacks and an extra change of clothes (you never know with a 2 year old).  I also try to get things ready for our breakfast and the all important Sunday lunch. Everything is ready before we turn out our lights.  The Devil really knows how to mess up a Sunday morning, so we must be prepared so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

I remember as a child and teenager watching my mother get things ready on Saturday night as well.  I also remember her always cutting out  and preparing  her lesson for her Preschool Sunday school class that she taught for many many years.  She also got things ready for our big Sunday lunch.  It was her Saturday night routine, and I am so very thankful I had that example to follow!

As our family gets ready for Sunday mornings, I know we are taking care of our physical appearance and our preparing for our physical need for food.  But am I getting myself and my family spiritually and mentally ready for the day ahead as well?  Sunday is the Lord's day and should be focused on Him, not on our outfits and the big meal.

Did I pray that my family and I would touched by the message, be convicted of any sin in our lives, to hear from God personally, to worship Him with our whole heart?  Did I pray we would be an encouragement to someone or the to the class we are teaching?  Did I pray for the pastor and his message he has prepared, for the Sunday school teachers, the worship pastor and choir, the youth pastor and workers, and everyone involved in the church ministry?  Did I pray for the unsaved that might be in the congregation, the neighbor we have invited, the visitor that is trying to get back into God's will, those going through a death in their family, or any other hurt or trial?

I got us "ready", but am I really "prepared" to go to the Lord's house?

No matter how much I try to have a smooth Sunday morning, it doesn't always work.  Sunday before last was such a nice Sunday morning; everything went splendidly.  Yesterday...whole different story that involved a nasty burn on my arm and my brand new dress being ruined :-(   But we made it to my father-in-law's church on time and with smiles on our faces and hearts ready to worship.  The Devil could have defeated us, but we refused to let him.

Every night I prepare for the day ahead, but Saturday night needs to have a little extra time built in to make sure my whole family is ready and excited about worshiping God and going to His house to worship Him.  We can't just be prepared physically but spiritually and mentally as well!

Today's Verse
"For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand, I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness."   Psalms 84:10

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's Cookin' Wednesday!

I have a cooking confession...I have never made homemade mashed potatoes.  Being a southern girl, that sounds so terrible.  I have watched my mom make it hundreds of times, but I had not every made them myself.  My husband loves homemade mashed potatoes as does my oldest daughter.  But they only get them at my mom's.  I am not a fan of any mashed potatoes, and I just never tried to make it.  And another confession...I have used instant potatoes.  My family says they are not that bad, but I know they are not the same.  So last night I tried to make them on my own.  I did not look at a recipe.  I just remembered watching my mom and the result was surprisingly good.  I even liked them and my daughter said they were delicious.  My husband was jealous because he wasn't home to sample them :(  I am so glad they turned out good and not like paste!

I simply boiled 4 white potatoes that I had peeled and quartered.  I added 1 Tbsp of butter and a sprinkle of salt and pepper to the water.  I drained the potatoes after they were fork tender and then added another Tbsp of butter and about 1/4 cup of skim milk.  I added the milk gradually while I used the electric mixer.  YAY for homemade!

Also, with my hubby out of town for a night, that means I can have fish!  Yummy!  He is not a fan of any seafood, so I wait until he is gone to cook seafood I love.  I made a delicious tin foil packet with a frozen salmon filet, fresh spinach, 1/3 cup of frozen pepper and onion mix, and a roma tomato.  This could be made with pretty much any fish or with chicken.

I layered the spinach then fish and followed by the peppers and tomatoes.  I did spray the foil with olive oil and sprayed each layer with olive oil as well.  I also sprinkled salt, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and a pinch of red pepper flakes (use as little or none depending on your spice level).  I baked in the oven for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.  I then opened the packet and broiled for a few minutes.  You must keep your eye on the dish when broiling!  It turned out very good!  Easy, quick, and no clean-up!

Today's Verses
"But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat.  And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves and two fishes.  He said, Bring them hither to me.  And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.  And they did all eat, and were filled:"  Matthew 14:16-20a

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Highs and Lows

I became obsessed with the weather after I had a bad experience my Freshman year in college.  I woke up with the thoughts of a Psychology exam in my brain and the pouring rain outside my window.  I made it to class in time, but the rain was unbelievable.  By the time I made it back to my dorm room, the main tunnel on campus was flooded and I had to trudge through six inches of water.  I changed my clothes and crawled back into bed.  Nobody had told me this was a tropical storm that had made its way inland.  Nobody bothered to tell me the campus was under an Adverse Weather policy, meaning I would not have been penalized for not going to class that day.  I was not aware of any of this until I read the front page of the University paper the next morning.  Why didn't my mom tell me?  Why didn't anybody warn me?

Oh wait...I am an adult now!  Yikes!  I need to watch the weather!

Thus I began to check the weather every morning.  It became easier as the use of internet grew.  I would check the forecast every morning before heading out the door.  Fast forward to my Senior year, and there I was in my Business Management class and my feet were freezing.  My department head was the professor of that class.  He came in and noticed my flip-flops (which were and are still my favorite shoe type ever).  He asked weren't my feet cold and did I not check the weather for that day.  It was one of those fall days where the morning was chilly but the afternoon was forcasted to be warm and lovely.  I had only focused on the high for that day and not paid any attention to the low for the morning.  Yes my feet were freezing at 8:00 am, but by lunch I was glad I had on my flip-flops...the weather was gorgeous.

Today was one of those days.  I had to put jackets on the girls as we rushed out to school this morning.  There was a nip in the air, but I still had on my flip-flops and they still had on short-sleeves under those jackets.  I knew the low would be chilly, but brief!  I was more inclined to really focus on the beautiful weather that would come in a few short hours.  I will admit I turned on the heater for in a minute in the car to warm my toes, but in a few hours the AC was back on.

Much like the temps on a fall day, I would much rather focus on the highs of life than the lows.

Everyday will hold its shares of high points and low points, just like everyday will have a high temperature and low temperature.  And although I need to focus on both temps when planning for my day, I really only should dwell on my highs to have a happy day.  If I focus solely on the lows my mood is sure to turn sour fast.  But if I see the highs and how beautiful and valuable they are, I will certainly be able to "turn my frown upside down".

High to focus on...
We, as Americans, are a blessed let's thank God for the freedoms we have instead of complain about the election and our government.
We, as wives and moms, are blessed to have our husbands and let's thank God for our loved ones instead of complain about the way they don't listen.
We, as Christians, are a blessed member of God's let's thank Him for His sacrifice and saving grace He extends to us instead of complain about the trials in our lives.

Today's Verses
"For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,"  Titus 2:11
"And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long."  Ps 35:28

Let's focus on the highs and not the lows.  Let's focus on the blessings and not the negatives!  Let's focus on our Savior and thank Him today!

Monday, September 10, 2012


We made a last minute trip to the beach this past weekend.  The girls wanted one last time to jump in the waves and dig in the sand before the weather turns cooler.  Although Saturday started with a few showers, by lunch time all the traces of rain was gone and the day was gorgeous.  I cherish these memories, because I know time is moving fast.

On every beach trip a hunt for seashells is always something we look forward to.  I am a little bit of a neat freak, as some of you know, and I have had a hard time bringing home these "treasures".  What do we do with the little reminders of the beach trips of the past?

My oldest daughter, who very rarely got into trouble as a toddler, did try to eat a shell when she was about eighteen months old.  It scared me so bad.  I was in ultimate panic mode. After talking with the nurse at the ER, and finding where she had actually spit out the jagged piece, I put all the shells in a bucket and out of reach.  The broken shell bits went into the trashcan and I seriously thought we should never pick another shell up...never ever again!  But by the next summer, my heart had softened and we went hunting in the sand again...with a new rule.  Only whole shells.  No bits and pieces.  No thin, almost ready to break shells.  No shells with a jagged edge.  Only complete and pretty shells!

As I was looking over the few we brought home this weekend, a small thought went through my mind...

Aren't you glad God does not have the same rules?

What if He only wanted the whole and complete people?  What if only the top-notch people could come to Him? Where would that leave me?

I am the farthest from whole and complete.  I feel broken everyday at some point in my day.  I mess up.  I let myself down.  I let others down.  I feel like David in Psalms 31:12b, "I am like a broken vessel."   What could God do with a broken person like myself?

He can use me...if I am willing!
He can teach me...if I will listen!
He can save me...if I accept it!
He can make me whole...if I come to Him!

And thankfully I can come to Him.  Thin and ready to break.  Already broken.  In a million pieces.

He will make me whole.  He will make you whole.

We just have to come to Him and He will take us just as we are!

Today's Verse
"The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite (crushed) spirit." Psalms 34:18

When I feel like those crushed shells being beaten by the waves of life, I must remember He is by my side.  I can come to Him in my crushed state and He will put me back together. He loves me for who I am...and He makes me whole.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's Cookin' Wednesday!

I love the good old cheese and crackers for a snack...2 of my favorite things put together...yummy, crunchy crackers and delicious, sliced cheddar cheese.  But there are times we need a little variety...a grown-up cheese and crackers.  This recipe can be used as a snack or make a big batch and use as an appetizer for entertaining.  I call it my easy bruschetta.  Hope you enjoy.

6-8 cherry tomatoes - quartered
2-3 Tbsp shredded mozzarella cheese
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 tsp italian seasoning
sprinkle of sea salt
4-6 bagel crisps

Mix first 5 ingredients and serve with bagel crisps.  Add a little extra flavor by serving with flavored bagel crisps.

Check out the Leftover Queen page for 2 new recipes using left-over included!

Today's Verse - This is the verse our church as a whole is learning for the month of September!  I love that idea.  We say it together as a family every day and together we are hiding His Word in our hearts!!!

"But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:"  2 Corinthians 4:3

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


At my first job after graduating from college, we would have parties at the drop of the hat.  I love cooking, as you know, and I enjoyed making dishes and trying new recipes for the events.  I liked the compliments I received on my cooking, and being asked for the recipe was always a great feeling.  When I moved offices at the University, all my old coworkers told my new coworkers that I was a great cook.  Do you know that the first three dishes I made for my new coworkers didn't turn out.  I was embarrassed.  Here I was with a reputation of being a good cook, and every thing I prepared was a disaster.

My husband is an expert at Saturday breakfast.  He makes a fantastic omelet.  The girls love his homemade waffles and pancakes.  There is a scramble he does for breakfast burritos that is just heavenly.  Every Saturday that we are home, he and the girls let me sleep in and they fill the house with music, laughter, and wonderful smells.  This past Saturday he was whipping up his scramble with sausage, potatoes, and peppers for the burritos.  We didn't have much cheese and he looooooves cheese on his burritos.  I let him have what was left and we sat down to dig in.  That's when I noticed there were no eggs scrambled in.  Should I say something?  It was still pretty good, but did he forget or was it intentional.  He soon noticed and it was NOT his intention to leave out the fluffy eggs...that is the main part of a breakfast burrito.   We laughed at the mistake.  He has made this dish hundreds of times, how did he forget the eggs?

No matter how much of an expert we are at something, there will still make mistakes.  There will be recipes that don't turn out as planned, projects that get behind schedule, writings or speeches that aren't interpreted the way they were meant, things that are unintentionally forgotten, and the list goes on.

How do we react when we make mistakes?

I tend to break down.  When I know I have messed up, I beat myself up to the ends of the earth and back.  There are two mistakes that are still fresh (one of which involves me forgetting something which I usually never do), and I am still having a hard time processing them.  But I am learning that my reaction to my mess ups are more important than my actual mistakes.  I have two little girls that are learning from this mama by watching my every move and reaction.  When I react negatively to my mistakes, I am teaching them to react negatively as well.  We are not perfect.  We hear that phrase often, but do we give our own selves grace when those imperfections come through.  We are also often told to learn from our mistakes, and that is something I need to visibly do in order for my girls to learn the importance of this process.

I don't want to raise perfectionist.  I want to raise girls who understand they will mess up, but they must still love themselves and forgive themselves; it is not ever necessary to dwell on the mistakes.  They are not going to get everything right on every single test...and it will be ok.  They will not always win the game or the prize...and it will be ok.  Everything doesn't always go as we would hope...and it will be ok.

God accepts us just as we are.  We are not to abuse the grace He extends us, but we are thankful for the forgiveness He always has waiting for us when we ask.  We must learn to forgive ourselves and teach our children to forgive themselves when the mess ups in this life occur.  I may never be an "expert" at anything, but I hope I can have expertise in being grateful for the exact way God made me...imperfections and all.

Today's Verse
"Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us"  Titus 3:5a

Monday, September 3, 2012

Get it together - Part 3

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are enjoying a much needed day off.

I just wanted to share a quick idea for planning your week.  This has worked for me all year.  I started this notebook in January and it has worked wonders.  In the beginning of my notebook, I set goals for the year.  The goals included everything from writing articles, books to read, prayer lists, family goals and so on.  It is so gratifying to check things off!  I then plan each week.  I sit down on Sunday night and fill out the info for that particular week.  I list each day and write what needs to be done.  I make a list of "minor to do's"...small tasks that need to be completed.  The tasks can be moved to next week if necessary, but need to be done soon.  Then I list "major to do's"...bigger tasks and tasks that must be accomplished that week.  I then also plan out the meals for the week.  At the beginning of the year I only planned suppers, but with Kindergarten I now plan breakfasts, lunchbox menu and also supper.  This helps me stay organized, helps me plan for what needs to be accomplished, and I am never asking "what's for supper?" at 5:30.

Our time is precious and good time-management skills are vital in organizing our days as a hectic family.  Yes, this is old fashioned, but it works for me!  Using our time wisely pleases God and makes our days less stressful...and the less stress and chaos we have, the more smiles and happier days we have!

Today's Verse
"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."  Psalms 90:12