Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nobody can do it all!

A verse or passage can speak to us in different ways at different times.  I have had this happen on numerous occasions.  A verse can calm my heart in a special way one day and then be applicable for a whole new trial a few weeks later.  Verses can also have different meanings to different people.  That is one of the miracles of God creating each of us.  We are all unique and different in some way.  Just an amazing thing to really think about the billions of people that live, have lived and will live...and our Creator made each of us just the way we are.  I can interpret a verse in one way and it might speak to you in a totally different way.

This was evident to me after reading a devotion this morning.  I loved the way the author applied the key verses to her point.  I could really see and feel what she was trying to portray from Acts 6:1-7.  But after I read the passage again, I had a completely different perspective.  The verses refer to the disciples finding other men of God to help them serve and complete the tasks at hand...spreading the gospel, praying, and  taking care of the widows.  The author's point was we need to use our talents for the Lord.  And while this is certainly applicable and we do need to use our talents for God's work, I felt a different meaning in my heart...nobody can do it all!!!  Sometimes we have to stop what we are doing and ask for help.

These disciples were closer to Jesus than anyone else.  They had walked with Him, served with Him, helped perform miracles with Him, and listened to His every word.  But now Jesus had died, arose and ascended to heaven, and they were left to spread His Good News.  They needed help.  This was a big job and they couldn't do it alone!

I talked about never being alone in the last post.  We need God's help, strength and guidance to get through every day.  But in addition to His eternal love, it is also nice to have family and friends we can lean on and depend on as well.  We need those people we can count on to support us and encourage us.  Someone to walk beside us and remind us we can do anything with God's help.

The disciples needed help!  What makes us think we don't need anyone's help?

A church cannot be ran by just the pastor and his staff...they need the help of the congregation to function.
A business cannot be ran by the CEO alone...he needs all his support staff to operate.
A school cannot achieve the highest academic achievement with only a principle...every teacher, assistant, and worker is needed for the betterment of the children.
A family cannot live in unity if only one member is trying to be the glue...every member must contribute.
A mom cannot do it ALL...we must rely on others to help us!

I think I might need to type that last one again...

A mom cannot do it ALL...we must rely on others to help us!

We have to ask for help sometimes.  It may mean asking our husband, our mother, our mother-in-law, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, or a friend.  We all need help sometimes.  We cannot be afraid to ask!

Today's Verse
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 "Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.  For it they fall, the one will lift up his fellow:  but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."

"Two are better than one"...it's not just an old saying, but a Bible verse!  We can take away countless life lessons from every story in the Bible.  I learned this morning, that even the strongest men in the Bible had to ask for help, and it was ok.  The world is not going to stop when you admit you can't do it all.

Next week I would like to continue on this subject...nobody can do it all.  A lot of key people in the Bible had helpers sent along to assist them, and I'd like to discuss that concept a little more.

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