Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I wanted to briefly share a refreshing occurrence, or several actually, that happened this past weekend.  The first weekend in December is full of parades and shopping on our calendar, and this year was no different.  The weather was perfect for standing on the streets listening to marching bands, watching floats, waving and saying "Merry Christmas" as we picked up the candy being thrown our way.  And we were of course watching to see who might appear at the end of all the marching, good old St. Nick himself.  Parades are so much fun, and my girls had a blast at both the parades we attended on Saturday.

After the fun, my husband and I then had our annual "date" that includes dinner for his birthday and lots of Christmas shopping.  I could not help but be completely delighted in the service we received this year.  Mostly, we were greeted with many smiling waiters and sales clerks, most of whom were teenagers, and they were all very enthusiastic and helpful.  They all seemed to be in good cheer and the best part of all, they all wished us a "Merry Christmas".  In a society were we see Holiday trees and Winter break and Snow Days parties, these teens all did a wonder to my heart.  Yes, there are those who, despite what society tells them they should do, still says "Merry Christmas".   They were very refreshing.

I know it is hard to keep a smile on our face as we look for a parking space, the perfect gift, and the best check out line to get in, but let's vow to try our best to be refreshing to others this Christmas season.  I know together we can put the "Merry" in Christmas for those we come in contact with over the coming weeks.  Think of ALL the many blessings we have to be "Merry" about!

Today's verse
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."  Luke 2:11

PS - I know I told you my husband's birthday meal was a beef roast.  Check out the Leftover Queen page to see what I did with the leftovers!  Mexican fiesta without the dining out bill, anyone?


  1. What an encouragement! Wishing every one "Merry Christmas" is the simplest part of your challenge... but being "MERRY" and keeping that attitude is a little more complicated at times :) Then when I read your verse for the day: I thought... no matter what the circumstance... my heart should be "Merry" if for no other reason but this!

    Have you guys been to Temple lately??? Haven't seen you but then - they have moved our SS class to the fellowship hall - so I don't see anyone coming in to the Second Service. Miss you!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Sylvia! It has been a few weeks since we visited Temple. We are going Friday night to see the Christmas program. We will plan to visit more on Sundays at the beginning of the year. I do hope we can see you and Jessie and the kids soon!