Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pep talk

I was giving myself a pep talk earlier today...

"Yes, you can do this!!!!  This is not going to be that hard.  You can do this.  This is easy.  Don't think about the negative.  Think about the positives.  You can do this!!!!"

But less than a few minutes later, I was ready to throw in the towel again...

"No I can't do this.  It is too hard.  There are a loooooooot of negatives that are sooooooooo easy to focus on.  No I really cannot do this!!!!"

What was I giving up on...EVERYTHING!  My to do list, my writing, my being a stay-at-home-mom, the upcoming days of travel that comes along with my husbands job...EVERYTHING.  It all seemed too hard to handle, and my pep talk of "I can do this!" was completely wrong.

Then it hit me.

I can't do this.  That part is not a lie.  I can do nothing apart from God.  But I heard in my heart, "We can do this.  We can do anything.  You have to focus on Me, but together WE CAN do this.  No you can't, but I can give you the strength you need."

There are days this stay-at-home-mom feels overwhelmed and under-appreciated, frustrated and helpless, and not sure if I am even making a difference in my children's lives by giving up my career.  There are days that I say, "I want to run away."  And while I am joking (for the most part), it is good to step away sometimes and evaluate the situation.  Spend a quiet moment with God.  Pour your heart out to Him.

I did that today... out-loud.  I gave the girls an art project and I stepped away and He sent verses my way to encourage me and strengthen me.  I can run away to Him, for He is my hiding place (Ps 32:7); I am learning more about God as  I teach my little ones of His love and forgiveness (Rom 2:21a); I can have rest in the Lord (Ps 37:7), and when my strength fails me (Ps 38:10) I still have hope in God (Ps 38:15).

There are days I don't think I can attempt potty-training any more, or get up at 5:20 to get everyone ready for school, or handle everything with my husband out of town, or ask my Kindergartner to hurry up in the morning for the fifth time...and no I can't, but thankfully with God's strength and guidance I can.  He and I are a team, and when I lean on Him, we can do anything (Phil 4:13).

Today's Verse
"And let us not be weary in well doing:  for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."  Galatians 6:9

This verse is a pep talk if I ever needed one.  I can't get weary even during my bad days, because if I "faint no't my prayer is my children will reap an eternal love for our Heavenly Father.  I cannot do this alone, and thankfully I never will be myself!!!

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