Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Highs and Lows

I became obsessed with the weather after I had a bad experience my Freshman year in college.  I woke up with the thoughts of a Psychology exam in my brain and the pouring rain outside my window.  I made it to class in time, but the rain was unbelievable.  By the time I made it back to my dorm room, the main tunnel on campus was flooded and I had to trudge through six inches of water.  I changed my clothes and crawled back into bed.  Nobody had told me this was a tropical storm that had made its way inland.  Nobody bothered to tell me the campus was under an Adverse Weather policy, meaning I would not have been penalized for not going to class that day.  I was not aware of any of this until I read the front page of the University paper the next morning.  Why didn't my mom tell me?  Why didn't anybody warn me?

Oh wait...I am an adult now!  Yikes!  I need to watch the weather!

Thus I began to check the weather every morning.  It became easier as the use of internet grew.  I would check the forecast every morning before heading out the door.  Fast forward to my Senior year, and there I was in my Business Management class and my feet were freezing.  My department head was the professor of that class.  He came in and noticed my flip-flops (which were and are still my favorite shoe type ever).  He asked weren't my feet cold and did I not check the weather for that day.  It was one of those fall days where the morning was chilly but the afternoon was forcasted to be warm and lovely.  I had only focused on the high for that day and not paid any attention to the low for the morning.  Yes my feet were freezing at 8:00 am, but by lunch I was glad I had on my flip-flops...the weather was gorgeous.

Today was one of those days.  I had to put jackets on the girls as we rushed out to school this morning.  There was a nip in the air, but I still had on my flip-flops and they still had on short-sleeves under those jackets.  I knew the low would be chilly, but brief!  I was more inclined to really focus on the beautiful weather that would come in a few short hours.  I will admit I turned on the heater for in a minute in the car to warm my toes, but in a few hours the AC was back on.

Much like the temps on a fall day, I would much rather focus on the highs of life than the lows.

Everyday will hold its shares of high points and low points, just like everyday will have a high temperature and low temperature.  And although I need to focus on both temps when planning for my day, I really only should dwell on my highs to have a happy day.  If I focus solely on the lows my mood is sure to turn sour fast.  But if I see the highs and how beautiful and valuable they are, I will certainly be able to "turn my frown upside down".

High to focus on...
We, as Americans, are a blessed nation...so let's thank God for the freedoms we have instead of complain about the election and our government.
We, as wives and moms, are blessed to have our husbands and children...so let's thank God for our loved ones instead of complain about the way they don't listen.
We, as Christians, are a blessed member of God's family...so let's thank Him for His sacrifice and saving grace He extends to us instead of complain about the trials in our lives.

Today's Verses
"For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,"  Titus 2:11
"And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long."  Ps 35:28

Let's focus on the highs and not the lows.  Let's focus on the blessings and not the negatives!  Let's focus on our Savior and thank Him today!

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