Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Fair, the fair, the unforgettable fair

Oh the fair is over; it is official.  The 2011 NC State Fair is being packed up and moving out.  My husband saw the rides being wheeled down I-40 yesterday on his way to the airport.  We love the fair!  Don't tell my girls, but my husband took me out on a date Friday night. And instead of ordering desert at the restaurant, we went back to the fair.  We ate a fried Snickers bar and watched the fireworks.  We felt like we were in college again walking hand in hand with no strollers to push.  Don't feel too sad for the girls; they had a blast at Beb's.

My uncle Johnny, who is now watching over us in heaven, used to get a livestock pass where we could park inside the gate at the fair.  Everyone in the vehicle got in the fair for free.  When he was finished showing the animals for the week, he would let me have it.  I went to NCSU which is right by the fair grounds, so we put the pass to good use.  We would all pile in my vehicle and go every night.  I have so many wonderful memories from the fair, and we are now starting new ones by taking the girls every year.  I don't know if I have ever missed a year of the State Fair, and I hope I never do.

Not everybody loves the fair.  My mother is the perfect example (I love you mom!).  She will go, but she's not the biggest fan.  The crowds are just not for her!  Even though I am not a big crowd fan myself, I still love the excitement of seeing that ferris-wheel.  I remember studying in the upper levels of the NCSU library in college and looking out as it turned and lit up the sky.  It would always make me smile and get my mind off the big exam for a minute!

I am afraid church can be seen in a similar light as the fair.  It is such a joy for some, but not for others.  Especially for those that have been hurt in church or those who have seen hypocritical behavior from a church goer. Unfortunately church can seem pointless to some.  My prayer is to never grow bitter towards church.  I also do not want our situation to negatively affect anyone around us that does not attend church.  The fair has negatives like lines, crowds, and parking, but the enjoyment outweighs all those other things.  The church may have some things that make us upset on occasion, but being with other Christians and learning God's Word together definitely outweighs the negatives.

Today's Verse
"From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love."  Eph 4:16

That is a mouthful, but it is how the church is to work.  Ephesians 4 is dedicated to the unity of the church and is written by Paul.  We as Christians in the church are suppose to fit together and work for the Lord in the same way our body parts work together to make us move and live.  We are to use our spiritual gifts and work together to help the church reach others for Christ.  Just like our body hurts on occasion, we might feel hurt to by the church.  But we have to keep at it.  We have to heal and move forward.

The Life Application Study Bible says this about the above verse.  "Some Christians fear that any mistake will destroy their witness for the Lord...the Good News is that Jesus forms us into a body - into a group of individuals who are united in their purpose and in their love for one another and for Christ.  If an individual stumbles, the rest of the group is there to pick him up and help him walk with his Lord again...As part of Christ's body, you will reflect part of Christ's character and do part of His work.  As you grow to be more like Him, you will be able to better appreciate your brothers and sisters in Christ, without whom you could not adequately represent the Lord."

I love knowing we are going to be led to a group of believers that will have the same common goal, to reach other's for Christ and help their fellow Christians to grow in their love of Christ.  We wait patiently for the direction to where we can help serve.  Just as there are many facets to the fun at the fair, there are many facets in the fun at church.  We will all work together to make the church experience fun and unforgettable!  And we want to make people to long to come back week after week, just like people long for the fair year after year!

On a side note...I started an online Bible Study yesterday.  I have never taken place in an online study, but I am so looking forward to it.  It is funny how the Lord knew how much I would be needing this right now.  I had no idea we would be prayerfully seeking a new church home when I signed up to do this study.  I loved the Wednesday night Bible studies we participated in and was concerned to be out of that type of lesson atmosphere.  But the Lord, in His infinite knowledge and wisdom, had led me to this study in advance.  It is not too late to sign up.  There are over 3000 women taking part.  It is a study on Hebrews and will teach us to understand even more that Jesus is better than anything that ever has been or ever will be.  It is a 13 week study, but there will be breaks through the holidays.  Oh I just can't tell you how excited I am to do this.  The website is below if you feel led to take part!  It is such a comfort to know...He knew...He knew just how much I would need this kind of thing to be a part of now!


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