Thursday, November 20, 2014

The easiest "pumpkin pie"

I blinked and it is Thanksgiving.  I can't comprehend where this year went.  I am not prepared for the chaos that is coming.  Deep Breath!!!!

I wanted to post a quick recipe that I tried last week for a gathering we had.  It was a last minute decision...and a pretty tasty one.  We are having a "pie and praise" night this Sunday at church, and I plan to make it again.  I love pies!  But, I do not make them that often.  I am also planning to make another homemade chocolate pie next week for my hubby's birthday.  I will try a different crust though.  I also saw the cutest pie bites on Pinterest, and I hope the girls and I can try them soon!

This does use a cake mix so easy is not even the word for it.  I reduced the sugar by 1/4 of a cup and only used 3/4 of a stick of butter.  With a scoop of ice cream, it was amazing.

Chocolate Pie

Pie Bites

If I am not back before Thanksgiving, I hope your family has a delicious and delightful Turkey Day!

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