Monday, November 10, 2014

That was awesome!

It's Monday afternoon. I should be running around getting school work finished, starting supper, finding cleats and shin guards, making sure the jerseys are clean, getting my husband's coaching gear ready, and so forth and so on...but I'm not.  Sniff, sniff, sniff!!!!

I thought I would be more excited about this day and more relieved that the season was over.  But after living at the soccer field for a few months, I am going to miss it!  I am thankful to have a normal Monday night at home, but I honestly forgot how to have a normal Monday night at home!  We miss the kids, the fun, and the excitement!  Three fields with three games all going at the same time.  Lots of cheering and whistles and running and kicking.  I didn't know being a real soccer mom could be so fun!

Neither of my girls had an undefeated season, but they both had great seasons!

It was funny to watch the difference in the two teams.

My oldest's team (in the 7-8 year old league) took things pretty seriously.  They were disappointed when they lost; they worked well together, and cheered each other on.  The goalies cried when they missed a goal, and we all encouraged them and said they would get the next one.  We cheered for the goals our team made, and we cheered for the other team after a collective "AAAhhhh!" was said.  They passed the ball.  They were excited to be there.  They improved every game!

My youngest's team (4-6 year olds) was a whole different story.  The kids just wanted to kick the ball.  They danced and chased butterflies.  They kicked the dirt and talked to each other.  They might have frowned when they missed the goal or they may just laugh, but it was no big deal.  They hardly payed attention to the game when it was their turn on the bench.  We all cheered no matter who scored...even if they scored in the wrong net.  And no matter if they won or lost, the kids only cared about the snacks!

We walked to the van after a game night where both girls lost.  One lost by only one goal, and the other lost by a lot.  The oldest was sad and disappointed, and the youngest was dancing and saying, "That was awesome!" (And she's the one whose team got creamed!)

If we could all have that perspective. We wouldn't take disappointments so seriously, and we would always see the bright side.  We'd pick ourselves up and still say, "that was awesome!"  But the older we get, the more losing hurts. It takes us a lot longer to find a bright side.

Today's Verse

"In the day of my trouble, I will call upon thee:  for thou wilt answer me."  Psalm 86:4

When I'm having a day when nothing feels awesome, and I feel like I'm losing...I will call upon Him.  He will answer.  He will help in my trouble.  He will help me find the bright side and give me the comfort I need.

I love that is awesome!

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