Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old Habits

While folding clothes, I heard the beautiful voice of my almost 5 year old.  I smiled.  I love to hear her singing.  Then after I listened to the words, I laughed hard.  Not because the song was funny.  Not because her singing was hilarious.  No, I laughed because it was the end of January and she was singing Silent Night to the top of her lungs.  Next day, similar scenario, but instead I heard Little Drummer Boy.

What had her singing Christmas songs again?

The thing is, we sing them a lot, or at least we do at our house, for a month straight.  We hear them at church, on the radio, at the Christmas events, and they get stuck in our heads.  It's hard to make them disappear, and tuck them away for a year, just a few weeks later.

So, how do these songs relate to old habits?

Did you make a resolution of eating healthier, exercising more, saving more, spending more time in God's Word?  Any time you try to change a bad habit, it can be hard to change and not fall into old ways.  I'll skip today's quiet time...I'm just so tired.  I have to have that new shirt!  Just a few chips won't hurt.

Here's the thing, I actually tried to start my New Year's resolution back in the fall.  I knew 2015 would be here before I knew it, and I wanted to start it off on the right foot well in advance.  I didn't go for a diet...I went for a lifestyle change.  I started tracking what I ate on a free app.  I started using a small stepper in the evenings while the girls were winding down and supper was cooking.  I started measuring my portions and trying to eat more veggies.  It was great!  By Christmas I was already feeling better!  I made it through Christmas...I still ate goodies, just not quite as many, and I tried to make a real effort to keep exercising.  The stepper was really making a difference.  I have always enjoyed exercise videos, but this was new and challenging!

Now we're in January, and some old habits are trying to find their way back in!  A few chips here, and a few tastes there.  Not taking the time to keep track of what I'm eating.  Sneaking the 100 Grands that have been around our house due to the celebration of the 100th Day of School!  Habits are hard to break...especially when it comes to food.

So, how do you jump back on the life style change when you've had a few days of over-indulging?  I start the next day with a yogurt with a little honey and almonds (all measured).  I have a salad with a very lite dressing (that yes I measure to make sure I only use 2 Tbsp) with a good fat or protein like edamame, avocado, walnuts or black beans.  I snack on popcorn and fruit.  I have a great supper, but really watch my portions and I do still have an after dinner treat...100 cal chocolate Popsicle (aka - the mommy pop - which is what the girls call it) or a very small piece of chocolate.

This is what I've been doing and I hope to continue to do.  I am feeling better, and hoping to avoid cholesterol medicine at my next dr. appointment.  I have also been experiencing less pains in my gallbladder area, which had also been very intense back in the fall.

I'm not going to say no to date nights to my favorite restaurant, or a good brownie every now and then,.. just like I will never resist singing a good Christmas song anytime of year. Last night when my little one wanted to sing Happy Birthday Jesus in the bath, we sung it very loud!

Old habits are hard to change, but new habits can take their place!  Tonight I think I will suggest we sing My God is so Big and put those 100 Grands out of sight!

Psalm 34:8 "taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."

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