Monday, May 7, 2012

Answered Prayer

We had a wonderful impromptu trip to the beach last week.  There was definitely a blessing behind my husbands recent job change.  With the added travel comes added free hotel stays!  YAY!  We are finding more and more blessings through the changes.  We began the job transition with only looking at the bad, but God has been showing us He knows best as always.  We are seeing the good in the changes more and more everyday.  Beyond anything, we are truly thankful for the job.

That said, after a restful time away, we had a whirlwind of a weekend with lots of activities.  I am truly tired today.  It was a blue blue Monday.  The weather is gorgeous outside, but my day has felt a little foggy.  So I am trying to get excited about something...anything.  So I started thinking of answered prayers.  When you check those prayer requests off your prayer list, doesn't it make your heart leap for joy?  Since I am in need of some joy today, why not look at what God has answered?  As our preacher said yesterday..."Your worst day as a Christian is far better than our best day without Christ!"  Even when things are foggy, we are to be joyful for the simple fact our God is the only God and He has saved us!

So I guess you may have caught the first check.  I made a reference to "our pastor".  We have found a church home.  We have been attending for a few months.  We are starting to feel more and more at home and hope to join next week.  So right there is one of our biggest prayers answered!

Also we have decided on where our oldest daughter will go to school.  We feel God has led us to the right place, and we are super thrilled that she will be an official Kindergarten student on August 14th (sniff, sniff).  I just got the final paperwork together to take tonight.  Her dad and I will be attending a parent orientation and we are excited about meeting other parents that will be on this journey with us.  So YAY for another check!

There are so many more, but I won't bore you.  Event the smallest check is a cause for celebration and a comfort to know God is always working in our lives.  His plan is the best plan and we are so thankful for that comfort.  Now if we could just possibly sale this house and move closer to our church and school????  Still praying, but the contentment and peace we are feeling about staying here can only be coming from God.  We just continue to wait patiently for this prayer to be answered with a yes or a keep waiting something greater than you can imagine will happen.

Today's Verse
"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."  Matthew 21:22

Prayer has been a topic of discussion in our house this week and in our trips in the car.  (We were on the road a lot this week.)  We have to know God is going to answer.  This verse says "believing".  I am guilty of praying some times and the skeptic in me says "This will never happen."  We can never have that attitude.  We have to believe He is going to answer us.  No it might not always be the exact answer we had hoped for, but it will be for the best.  God will help us check off those things that are important to us, we just have to believe!

This week I am challenging myself to pray more intently, make more lists so nothing is forgotten, and pray with the faith of a mustard seed.  I hope to have excitement as I pray knowing He will answer.  I also hope to pray with thanks in my heart, being already thankful for the answer I know He will give. I pray that you will join me.  Think of the things you can check off today because He has graciously answered your prayer.  And pray with a glad heart today because Our God does listen and He does answers when we pray!

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