Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A love for reading

I recently finished a fiction novel, and it was quite enjoyable.  It was Christian fiction, and was filled with suspense and mystery.  It had twists and turns I was not expecting and an ending that left me wanting more.  Thankfully there is a part two which I have already begun!

I had not read any fiction literature in years.  When my oldest daughter was born, I loved reading books by the Christian fiction author Lori Wick.  My Nanny had several of her books. I read a few of her series and even checked out a few more at my local library.  In those first few weeks of my daughter's life, I didn’t want the TV on during the day.  So we would sing, sleep, nurse and read.  I kept up the reading after going back to work, but my reading turned to non-fiction after I stared staying home full time.

When my second child was born, I saw that reading and nursing were not able to go hand in hand this go round.  I needed to be mobile to watch my three year old, and dreams of picking up any novel were quickly diminished. 

I vowed at the beginning for this year to read at least two fiction books by years end.  I chose a few nonfiction books to focus on and one fiction book.  My goal was to have these finished by June and then reassess and choose another fiction for the second half of the year.   I was skeptical of my choice when I first began reading.  For one, it was a kindle book that I was reading on my ipad.  I had never read a book in this fashion.  I love the feel of paper. I love turning the pages and putting my bookmark in place.  But, I have to confess that I loved the kindle edition.  I never had to worry that my girls would pull my bookmark out, and it was always with me on my iphone as well.  So if I was ever stuck I could always start reading.  I loved it!  Second, the beginning was intense.  The main character, a little girl at the age of nine, was abused at the very beginning.  I really wasn’t sure if I could read this, but she finds the saving grace of Jesus by the end of the book and realizes He can heal any hurt.  It was truly a great read!

As I found myself wanting to stay up late during the last chapters to find out who was who and solve all the mysteries, I also found myself reading slower because I didn’t want the ending to really come.  This escape would be over.  This outlet for letting my mind reside in Texas (where the story is based) would be gone.  The ending was very good and not quite what I expected (which I always love because I can usually predict the ending after just a few chapters) but I hated to be done.

My heart ached as I realized a horrible truth.  I had looked forward to reading my fiction book everyday more than I had looked forward to reading my Bible everyday.  Oh No!  The guilt set in.  That is not supposed to happen.  We are to have a heart yearning to learn more about our Savior.  We are to relish our time spent with Him.  But as I looked back over the few weeks, I saw myself rushing through devotions so I could read my book.  I had spent less time with my heavenly Father in order to lose my thoughts in a novel.

We are to have a desire to spend time in God’s Word.  I read a quote by Charles Stanly this week that majorly tugged at my heart.  He says, “A person who delights in God's Word doesn't have to be told to read it, because he longs for it.  The Bible contains amazing riches for those who are willing to open it and let divine truth penetrate their hearts.  Scripture reveals the Lord, renews the mind, increases faith, and satisfies the soul.  But if we neglect it, we're going to live like spiritual beggars - always hungry and never satisfied." 

Today's Verse
"This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:  for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success."  Joshua 1:8

These words are taken from the words spoken by the Lord to Joshua.  It shows the importance of meditating on God's Word.  Without diving into God's Word daily, we will miss out on blessings and success.  Without seeking His guidance we will not know which way He is leading us to serve Him.  These pages are filled with true stories that run the gamut from love to mysteries to suspense and wars.  It is the ultimate love letter from our Creator.  

In my older age I have developed such a love for reading...one I know my mom always wanted me to have.  And I pray that my heart will long to read the Words of my heavenly Father everyday. To soak up His truths.  To hide them in my heart.  To meditate on the love He gives us.  To love His Word more than any other words!

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