Monday, July 22, 2013

It may get worse...

Have you ever had an injury that didn't look too bad?  Yeah, it hurt a little, but nothing major! Then the time past and wow the pain really started stinging.  The hurt was bigger than we expected. The ouchie made us twinge with pain.  The boo-boo was getting worse!

My daughter had a small scrape this morning.  I was proud of her big-girl approach of it not being that bad!  (She is usually my drama queen when it comes to ouchies!)  But by lunch, the sting was really apparent.  She looked at me and said, "You know, you have said some things have to get worse before they get better!"

Wow, I have said that!  And man, I needed that little phrase just at the exact moment she said it!

Nothing we are facing is too big for God to handle.

There are some situations in our lives that may appear to be getting a little worse.  Things not going quite like we had planned.  Situations changing that we thought were becoming stable.  Plans being turned upside down.  We know there is a purpose for everything we experience in our lives. We pray for guidance and peace.  We hand the cares over to the Lord and try to move forward in His will.  But there is no guarantee that a painful or stressful situation is going change for the better as soon as we would like.  It may take a while.  It may even get a little worse before it gets better!   But we hold on to that hope that God is in control and it will get better!

We want the best for our children...don't you think God wants the best for His!

Today's verse

Matthew 7:11, "If ye then, being evil (or sinful), know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him."

The storm may rage a little longer, but there will eventually be sun after the rain.  The hurt my get worse before it gets better, but it will heal.  The darkness may seem inevitable, but the morning light will come again. Keep our eyes on Him and not the negatives, and we will see the rainbow after the storm.

Summer has definitely come and gone too quickly!  There are only 3 short weeks for us until it is back to school time.  We will be soaking in every last drop, so no more posts until we get back into the swing of things!  Enjoy the sun, your family, and every moment our heavenly Father blesses us with!

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