Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sudden Storms

We woke up to a gorgeous day today, and I was needing it!  Going on 6 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period, the sunshine was a welcoming site.  We happily got ready for school.  No arguments or setbacks.  YAY!  We left the house after having our devotion time, and I thanked God for a smooth morning as pulled out of the driveway.

We needed a little warmth.  It had been a little cloudy and chilly the beginning of the week, especially chilly for late April.  After dropping my oldest daughter off at school, my youngest and I had a few minutes to spare before her dr appointment.  I decided to we'd take a quick walk and she could have her snack in the stroller.  I told her my plans of going to the park after the appointment if she was a good girl at the dr.

We were in the office for about an hour.  They were running behind, but thankfully my little girl had been very well behaved.  She was happily carrying her sucker as we walked out.  Unfortunately we walked out to a different site than when we came in.  The sky was pitch black.  The wind was blowing.  I could see the storm coming.  Thankfully we made it to the van before it hit.  It rained hard, and the lightening was sharp, but we were safe.  So quickly it came out of nowhere.  So quickly it ruined our plans and our beautiful weather.  It was so sudden.

I said earlier in the week that the girls' memory verse was Psalms 86:7 "In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee:  for thou wilt answer me."  For the life of me, I cannot get my oldest daughter to say it exactly right.  She is making trouble and day both plural..."In the days of my troubles I will call upon thee..."

Today as I corrected her again, I felt a little tug on my heart.  There are so many "days" when we feel helpless because of the "troubles" going on in our lives.  Yes the verse uses the singular, but in our lives there will definitely be plural...the days of troubles...the days with sudden storms.

Today's Verses
"Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses.  He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still."  Psalms 107:28-29

 I really can't say anything more calming after those beautiful verses.  As we have said before, He can calm the storms in our lives.  God is the only one that can make the waves be still.  We do have to call on Him in our times of trouble, and He makes it very clear in His Word that He will respond when we call.  Although the storm may not stop at that very moment, He can calm our hearts and give us the peace we need to make it through the sudden storms.

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