Thursday, September 5, 2013

God Supplies ALL Our Needs

We are out of paper towels AGAIN!!!!  This morning I put the last roll out, and it will be gone by tomorrow.  Spills, hand washing, counter wiping...these things are used for everything in our house. We are also running low on toilet tissue.  I am forever buying these paper products.  I should really buy more of this stuff in bulk!

As I was making a mental list of what we needed again, and secretly grumbling about another trip to the store, a story randomly popped into my head.  I smiled as I remembered the setting and the story.

It was Sunday school class...junior girls.  Just a bunch of silly 11 and 12 year old girls...that was funny in itself!  I pictured our big hair and the funny things we used to do.  I had a good laugh.  I remembered our teacher reading a story to us.  We were sitting in metal chairs and intensely listening, all packed in a circle around her.  The story was about a young lady who was watching her pennies.  Money was tight and she had a few more days before she got paid again.  She was making it, but barely.  Then the story took an interesting turn.  The girl in the story was about to run out of toilet tissue.  I remember us girls giggling.  Our teacher smiled, but softly scolded us.

What would it be like not to have the money to buy something we needed?

The girl prayed for God to help her.  She had faith.  She knew He would come through.  The story would count down the squares left as the girl would pray.  The night came when she was completely out.  She prayed again, only to be interrupted to the sound of laughing outside her door.  She opened the door to the best site!  Some neighborhood boys had TP'd her trees completely in toilet tissue.  The stuff she needed was hanging everywhere!  She laughed and thanked God as she cheerfully cleaned up the best mess she could have imagined!

I'm not sure if it is a true story...but it sure kept our attention, and obviously it stuck.

Today's Verse
"The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want (lack)."  Psalms 23:1

The lesson...God will supply all our needs (Philippians 4:19).  We shall not want!  The solution might come at the last minute.  It might be answered in a way we never could have imagined.  It might not be exactly what we were praying for.  It literally might come straight from above and rain down upon us.  But we have faith our need will be taken care of.

I am thankful I can stop by the store tomorrow and pick up the few items on my list.  But there are some bigger things we are in need of in our family.  A roof in need of fixing, dental work needing to be done and an air condition that needs to be replaced...just to name a few.  But when these needs start to mount and the temptation to worry creeps in...I will remember the toilet paper raining from above, and I'll remember it will all work out!  He will supply all our needs.  We can be certain of that fact!

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