Monday, September 30, 2013

The "G" Key

As I type, I am internally and even a little outwardly frustrated at my laptop!!!  You see, my "g" key has messed up.  We have worked and worked, but there is no  The scream is for the extra effort it took to press the "g" key in the word "fixing"!!

I don't recall exactly how it happened, but it now sticks out higher than the other keys.  And as I type, and the words start flowing....scrrrrream...I have to stop and put forth extra effort to get that g to appear on the screen.  It is ruining my day!  It is messing up my flow!  It is causing me to pause when I don't want to pause!!!  Did you see how many g's I just has to stop for!!!

As I was contemplating my frustrations, I began thinking of my actual day and the tasks at hand.  How many times do little g's pop into my day, and how do I handle the interruptions?  Let me clarify.  How many times am I going with the flow, getting things done, and suddenly a frustrating moment happens?  Example...had a great devotion time, everything is going smoothly this morning, and then...Bam...milk is spilled everywhere.  How do I handle the difficulty of stopping for something irritating in the middle of my day? Do I get mad and bang on the keyboard, like I have done a few times this week? Or do I take the bump in my day in stride and keep going?

Unfortunately I have not been good at taking things in stride lately! 

Just like the g key is messing with my happy when typing, everyday little mishaps have been messing with my happy outlook on life.  And there seems to be a lot of g key moments lately!

While trying to turn my frustration into motivation to stay positive, I have decided that every time I must pause for the g key, I will say a mental praise or thank you to God.  You see, I had to pause right then to make the big "G" appear to spell God.  It is even harder to make the g capitalized.  So every time I am to type a g, I am to quickly thank God for the beautiful weather, the ability to type, the words He gives me to share, my family, the food we have to get the picture.  Instead of wanting to scream at my g key, I am going (Wow that is two thankfulness thoughts in one word!) to be thankful!

And I will try to do the same in life!

Instead of getting mad at spilled milk, I will be thankful for the milk we had and the precious child that spilled it.  When we are in bad traffic in the morning, I will be thankful for the ability to drive.  When I can't find my keys, I will be thankful my vehicle.  For every g key moment or bump in the plan that causes frustration, I will turn it into a moment of happy instead a moment of mad!

When life hands us lemons, we might not feel like making lemonade.  I don't even really like lemonade.  But if we are just thankful for those sour lemons, something sweet is sure to develop.  And every time I hit the g key, a sweet and precious moment with God will follow!

Today's Verse
"For thou art my lamp, O LORD:  and the LORD will lighten my darkness."  2 Samuel 22:29

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