Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why Why Why

Every toddler usually goes through a "Why?" stage.  It can be unbelievable as they constantly ask the question at everything you say.

Mom:  "It's time to eat lunch."
Child:  "Why?"
Mom:  "Because we need to eat food."
Child:  "Why?"
Mom:  "Because food helps us grow and be strong."
Child:  "Why?"
Mom:  "Because that is how God made our bodies."
Child:  "Why?"
Mom:  "He knew we needed food for energy."
Child:  "Why?"
Mom:  "Because I simply said so."

We all hated those words as a child, but you end up saying them as a parent.  Even when you promised you never would.  When the "whys" keep coming, you have to finally say it to make them stop!

Our six year old is going through a new "why" stage, and it is frustrating!!!  She is questioning everytime she is told no or not now.  She is questioning discipline.  She is saying "why" at the drop of a hat.  Her father made the "no asking why" rule a few weeks ago.  I think she is finally getting the concept and slowing down on her whys.

But then everything came full circle yesterday!

We were making our usual commute home from school.  After my little one gets out of school, we have a one and a half hour wait until the oldest one gets out.  Then we have a 19 mile commute home in traffic with stopping school buses.  My little one was getting antsy and asking if we were almost home. I blurted out-loud as we pulled into our driveway, "Lord, why can't we live closer to school!"  

My smart little first grader immediately reminded me, "No asking 'Why' Mama!"

I had to laugh.  She is right!  No asking Why!

We are prayerfully considering putting our house on the market for a third time.  We have talked to a Realtor and weighing all the pros and cons. Oh how nice it would be to be closer to school and church, but we are waiting for God's hand to move.

We will look back at all the things that prevented our house to sale in the pass, and we will laugh knowing God had a reason for the wait.  We will be able to give Him all the credit if and when we are able to ever move.  But for now, we are oh so thankful for our house, our wonderful back yard, and the my van that drives us all those miles everyday!

No asking Why!  I am simply glad I had a reminder that it is not nice to ask why! And I am glad for the Father who knows the when to my whys!

Today's Verse

Lamentations 3:25

 The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

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