Thursday, January 12, 2012

For the birds

This afternoon was dedicated to homework, (Yes my daughter, who is in preschool, had homework today.  That is another topic for another day.) packing for next week's trip, and we also decided to feed the birds.  As you know, I do not like to waste anything, especially food.  We had some stale bread ends and cereal that needed to be throne out.  We are doing a major clean out of our pantry, fridge and freezer.  I wanted to make sure nothing was going to waste if at all possible, so we gathered what we could and headed outside.  We hung bread in trees and sprinkled cereal on the ground.  We have a beautiful cardinal family that has lived at our house for the past three winters, and I sure hope they enjoy their bounty.  The coming week is forecast to be chillier, and feeding the birds seemed like a good way to make sure nothing goes to waste.

It only seems fit to have today's verse be Matthew 6:26...
"Behold the fowls of the air:  for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.  Are ye not much better than the they?"

That is a favorite verse when it comes to worrying about anything.  God provides for the birds and the animals; He most certainly will provide for His children.

We will be traveling next week, so please be in prayer for safety.  I will be spending a four and a half hour flight by myself, and can say I need your prayers for peace.  I plan on doing some writing, catching up on some reading, and maybe even watch a movie on the flight :)

I would like to share a link I have been excited about.  My husband got me the book, "I used to be so organized" by Glynnis Whitwer for Christmas.  I have wanted the book for some time, and was super excited to receive it.  Though I have not begun reading it, I am participating in the Clutter-free challenge by the author.  It started on Monday and will go for 15 days.  So check it out next week if you have a chance.

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