Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Caught

So when we here the words "getting caught", sin or wrong doings usually comes to mind.  Our oldest daughter never really had a "terrible twos" stage.  She was a pretty laid back two year old.  "Getting caught" was never something we often worried about with her.  I am not saying she was a complete angel, and there are times she gets caught misbehaving now as she is growing older.  I am simply saying we never really worried about her climbing and jumping or tantrums and fits.  Now, my youngest is beginning to show signs of those terrible twos we are so unfamiliar with.   She is a very loving and sweet child, but she has been "caught" doing some not so lovable things.  One of her favorite offences is drawing on things.  I think I may have posted about this before, but the problem is not improving.  She drew on the couch, a brand new beanbag, the floor, the table, and an ottoman just over the Christmas break.  The funny thing is, when she "gets caught" now, she knows she is in trouble.  She throws that marker and puts her hands up in the air as if she is saying, "It's not me.  I didn't do it."  Her little expression, no matter how it makes my blood pressure rise that she has defaced property, can make me forgive her instantly.

I was thinking recently about using the term "getting caught" in a positive way.  For instance, have you ever "caught" someone using or wearing a present you gave them.  Example:  Soon after Christmas my husband and I were out running some errands.  We unexpectedly ran into my aunt and cousin.  My husband happen to be wearing the shirt they had given him for Christmas.  I imagined they might be happy to see him wearing it.  We were not expecting to see them.  He was not wearing it out of obligation.  He honestly liked the shirt.  He was honestly thankful for the shirt.  When I see a friend or family member using or wearing a gift I have given them, it makes me happy to know they really like it or needed it.  I love to "catch" someone in that way.

I say all this to fall back on what we talked about yesterday, praising God and magnifying His name all the time.  He is so good to us, tet's think about "getting caught" doing something good today.  Let's "get caught" spreading His joy.  Let's "get caught" singing and praying to Him even when we are not at church.  Let's "get caught" smiling and helping a stranger when nobody else is looking.  Let's "get caught" being a light to others so they can see His love through us.

Today's verse
"How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!  How great is the sum of them!  If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand:"  Psalm 139:17-18a

I have to say I am not familiar with many exclamation points being used in Bible verses.  I am not saying there is not any used, but the punctuation really jumps out at me in these verses.  God thinks about us!  He loves us!  In return, let's think about Him!  Let's love Him!  Let's be a blessing for His kingdom!

I love "catching" my girls in the middle of a positive situation when they don't know I am watching.  It warms my heart to spy on them playing well together or helping each other out.  God is watching us all the time.  He loves to see us do something positive for no gain of our own.  Why don't we say we'll "get caught" together thanking God and doing good for others and for His glory today?

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