Thursday, January 19, 2012

I made it!

Even though I have been "home" in NC since Tuesday night, I still have not seen our actual house.  I am ready for my bed.  Doesn't it always feel so good to lay down in your own bed after being away?  It is nice to be here with my parents.  My girls love spending time here.  They have so much fun, and it is nice to have help getting everyone to bed.  But my bed is calling my name.  We plan to make the trek home this evening and then back to the airport tomorrow to pick up Daddy.  YAY!

The original plan was to go home yesterday, but those plans were changed when my oldest daughter got a fever and started complaining with cold symptoms.  I knew she would not be able to attend school today, so the joint decision was made to stay on here.  The girls are now both suffering with runny noses, but they have still played a little today and will hopefully be feeling better tomorrow in time for Dad's arrival.

I did make the trip back alone across the country with no major hiccups.  I hope to share experiences and the tips in overcoming of my fears that I learned.  Today I wanted to share a quick story God placed in my path right when I needed it.  I know we talked about God always providing the right thing at the right time last week, so I had to share this...

We were making the final packing decisions and getting everything ready Saturday morning.  We would be coming to my parents for a birthday party and then be spending the night there as well.  Our flight was 6:50 am, and it takes an hour to get there, so early early early was the plan for the next day.

I was feeling nervous  as I got the girls' outfits ready for church the next day.  They would be going with my mom and dad.  But, what if something happens?  What if they get sick?  What if they need me in some way?  What if, what if, what if?  I needed to go back and read my own post about the "what if" woozles.  I was seriously having major second thoughts.  I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled out a book my mom gave me for Christmas last year.  It is a devotion book for moms of preschoolers.  I read from it frequently during hectic weekends for encouragement and to spend a few precious minutes with God.  What do you think the topic for this particular day was about?  None other than going away with your husband.

Wow, God did you really make this be the topic where my bookmark was placed?  Today of all days, you sent this comfort just for me.  I didn't even feel worthy of His presence as I read what was so obviously meant for my eyes to see that very moment.  The wife in the devotion argued about leaving their two year old son.  She didn't want to go on a weekend getaway with her husband.  Yes she knew he would be ok with her parents, but it was still scary.  She was even a little mad that maybe her husband was acting like a baby himself  because he wanted to go so bad.  She had asked the same what if questions I had just asked.  She really wasn't sure about the trip just like I really wasn't sure about our trip.

But, the reality is, we as wives need to spend time with our husbands.  No matter if it is a date night or an actual night or two away from our little ones, we need that time.  Her heart softened and she went on their anniversary trip.  My heart melted as I knew we were going to place our children in God's hand as we are to do everyday, and I was going to go with faith in my back pocket on our late anniversary trip as well.

God had provided that story at such the perfect time.  Talk about a sign from God.  It was a bonk over the head telling me to trust and to go.  And I am so glad we went!

Today's Verses
"Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."  Phill 4:6-7

God gave me a peace that could have only been sent through Him.  He gave me His peace that passes all our own understanding.  What kind of relief or peace are you in need of today?  Make your request known!  He is listening.

I also wanted to share a link that you might could look at over the weekend if time allows.  I love listening to Focus on the Family.  I cried during their commercial of the children reciting John 3:16 last weekend during the famous football game.  They have talked about that commercial on their broadcast this week.  I have enjoyed listening and catching up on some past broadcasts while I was away.  The link to listen anytime to past broadcasts is below.  I especially loved the talk on motherhood by Lysa  Terkeurst yesterday and today.  Even if you are not a mother, this is a great testimony on what God does through others.  I hope you check it out!

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