Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Forgotten Son

The next few weeks may be sparse as far as posts are concerned.  We have a few projects we are working on; my husband is traveling so much more than usual; the girls and I will be staying with my parents a few nights, and the list of things keeps on going and going (every mom knows the list is always endless).  So, hopefully I will not get too far behind, but it is definitely quite possible I will not be as able to post as usual. 

Thursday I used one of the most popular verses from the Bible as our verse for the day.  My mother says I could say John 3:16 before I was two.  She tells the story of how we would go to visit my great-grandfather in the nursing home, and he would call all the nurses in to hear me say that verse and sing Jesus Loves Me.  I am sure it may have been the first memory verse for many children.  I know it has been for my girls.

Both my daughters still do not quite get every single word right, especially my youngest.  But even my oldest daughter messes up in a few places on occasion.  One of her mistakes is saying "that he gave his only 'forgotten' son"  instead of "begotten son".  We always correct her, but it really sticks with me every time she says.

In reality, He is the "Forgotten Son".  Jesus came into this world as God on earth.  He came for everyone.  He suffered for everyone.  He died for everyone.  Yet the world as a whole has "forgotten" Him.  We as Christians are no longer able to celebrate His birth without being considered politically incorrect.  And as Easter approaches, I fear we will soon see the actual word Easter vanishing just as the word Christmas has vanished.  I was heartbroken over the number of towns surrounding us that just had "Egg Hunts" and not the usual "Easter Egg Hunts" last year.  And I know that will be the norm before too long.  Everything that has to do with our Savior is slowly but surely being taken out of society.

How do we stop Him from being "forgotten"?

For starters, we must begin at home.  We teach our children about Jesus.  We talk about Him daily.  Yes, they may have questions we cannot answer, but that is an opening to teach them about faith.  Continue to tell them of His love and grace and most importantly how He died and arose again for them.  As mothers, we love our children unconditionally, but we know that God loves them even more than we do.  God has placed these little ones in our care, and the most important job we have as mothers is to make God and Jesus real in their lives. 

We not only are responsible for teaching our children, but we as Christians have to tell others of God's love and forgiveness. We have to share what He has done for us, even with complete strangers. We have to live so that His light may shine through us. We have to pray for the missionaries that are out there spreading His Word and Truths with the world. We have to support and pray for our churches and pastors, the church leaders and workers. We have to; we have to; we have to prevent Jesus from being "forgotten"!!!!

The girls and I like to watch "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" sometimes while we are cooking lunch. Last week I decided to turn it on because it had been a while. One of the questions was how many federal holidays were associated with someone's birthday. I started naming them...Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day...and it took me a brief moment to say..."Oh I cannot forget Jesus' birthday!!!". I was ashamed that I had not said His birthday first. The correct answer was 3 holidays, but as the host listed the holidays, the contestant looked confused as she said Christmas. She had to explain to him that it was Jesus' birthday. The contestant looked as if he had never heard the name Jesus. It was as if he knew nothing about Him. My heart broke, and I felt the warm tears fill my eyes.

Is that not a heartbreaking reality that Jesus is becoming the "forgotten" Son? 

Today's Verse
"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  John 14:6

It is not enough to just believe that God exist; we have to believe in His Son Jesus as well.  Without Jesus salvation would not be possible.  Without Him forgiveness is not possible.  He paid our debt, and that cannot be forgotten.  As this verse plainly states, no one will enter into heaven to be with God the Father without accepting God's Son, Jesus.  He is the only way and the truth.  He should never be "forgotten". 

My daughter's mispronunciation has burdened me for some time.  It has made me want to share my love for Jesus and all He has done for me...I hope it will inspire you to make sure He is not "forgotten" in your home, your community, and our world.

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