Monday, November 26, 2012

December Challenge

I have to be brutally honest...I am already suffering from Christmas panic.  I am not sure why.  I am not sure how.  But I am anxious as the season approaches.  Buying gifts and parties, get togethers and cantatas, the packed calendar, and did I mention the shopping. (Which I know sounds crazy, but as a woman I don't enjoy it very much, and especially when it is so crazy in the stores this time of year!)

Our tree is up, our stockings hung, and every Christmas novelty that makes noise seems to be singing in my house right now.  Although I love the decorations and the Reason for the season, I still seem to be more and more stressed each year.  What if nobody likes what I got them?  What if I forgot somebody?  What if I have double booked us? (Which did happen last year - yikes!)

So today as we get back to school and work after a wonderful Thanksgiving break, I am trying to take deep breaths as I look at our already full calendar.  I am praying over the month ahead.  I am focusing on the fun and joy that comes with all the activities.  I am thanking our heavenly Father for the True Reason we celebrate this time of year.  I am challenging myself to consider others everyday.

Yes, here is my challenge to myself and I would love for you to join me...

Every day in December, I vow to think of someone else instead of stress over my chaos brought on by the hectic season.  It may be baking cookies for a friend, sending a text or email to a family member, helping out a stranger, spending extra time in prayer for someone in my life.  The list of acts of kindness for others is endless.  I pray for God's guidance in this area of my life.  I feel He has laid this plan on my heart and I pray He will lead me to know what He will have me do each day!  When I start to panic over an extra long to do list, I will focus on someone else.

Today's Verse
"And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS:  for he shall save his people from their sins."  Matthew 1:21

Jesus was sent to this earth for us.  He came to save us from our sins!  He came for our sakes.  Let's think of others this Christmas season and allow Christ's love to show through our lives!

Also, speaking of doing something everyday in December, there is a great Advent Calendar activity on the Thriving Family website.  If you have little ones, I definitely suggest checking it out.  My girls are counting down until they can begin our nativity Advent calendar.  It is hung and ready to go!  Check out the website for a hard copy of the devotions and activities for kids!

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