Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping Secrets

It is secret keeping time and it is sooooo hard.  The secrets I am referring to is the presents that will begin to appear under the Christmas tree.  Somehow someway, I usually end up spoiling the "secret" presents I purchase for my husband.  His birthday is this week and all the surprises I had in store has been told in advance because of one reason or the other.  It always seems to happen, but thankfully he is not big on surprises anyway :-).

My girls love surprises, so I love keeping their Christmas presents a secret.  I am just as excited about Christmas morning as they are.  I know their faces will shine and the smiles will be huge when they see that trampoline.  It has been a wish for a while, and keeping the secret that we actually have purchased it (The first and hopefully last time I do the whole Black Friday thing!!!) is really difficult.  I hope when they begin talking about getting a trampoline that I don't smile too big or make a face that might spoil the secret.

I am also in the midst of keeping another big secret from my oldest daughter.  She is receiving a special award at school tomorrow.  I was told to keep it a secret from her, and boy has that been hard!!!  The excitement of seeing her little face when her name is called is the only thing that is helping to keep my lips sealed.

Surprise gifts are hard to keep secret when you know how much joy it will bring.

The ultimate present of this Christmas season, Christ's birth, was never meant to be kept a secret.  His love and forgiveness is the best gift anyone could receive this season.  While we may be hiding toys for our little ones, purchasing surprises for parents, or planning something special for our spouses, we cannot forget to be sharing the Good News.

Today's Verse
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."  
Luke 2:11

He was born to save the world, to save any who would accept His free gift.  It is not a secret gift, but a gift to all.   Share the good news this season.  Stand up for the reason we as Christians are celebrating Christmas.

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