Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Sides of Thankfulness

I came home from our trip with a renewed spirit.  I was so thankful for the time away, the lovely cabin, the fun memories, great food, good health and safe trip.  As the week went on the thankfulness continued.   I was so excited and thankful to have two small writing opportunities be accepted for the Focus on the Family magazine "Thriving Family".  I was overjoyed!

Then last night happened...

We discovered a busted pipe under the house.  This led to no hot water because it was connected to the hot water heater.  We have slowly found out today just how bad the damage is!!!!

We do have hot water now after many hours of being without and a few hours of no water at all.  But the damage will take a while to recover from.  Apparently the leak had been small and going on for a long time.  We are talking ripping out insulation, possible mold, drying wood, calling air quality people, filing insurance claims...and the list of awesome things goes on and on and on!

There have been times I have wanted to cry today and times I wanted to scream.  And yes there have been times I have wanted to ask "Why???"  But here's the thing...I am the same girl that was overjoyed by the blessings a few short hours ago, and I can still be the girl overjoyed because those blessings are still there.  Yes this will be a struggle.  Yes this is going to cause some headaches and our checkbook is going to majorly suffer.  But I know there is a reason.  I know it could be worse.  And I am prepared in case those worse things do occur.

I am choosing today to still be thankful for being God's child and thankful for my family.  I will ask to learn through this experience.  I will seek to remain joyful with every piece of news we find out about our situation.  I will be thankful we still have a house, and I will be thankful because I know that if we suddenly didn't we have a wonderful family to turn to for help.

Today's Verse
"In everything give thanks..." I Thess 5:18a

It is easy to be thankful when the positives are right in front of my face, but today I am choosing to give thanks even though there are negatives swirling all around!

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