Monday, March 4, 2013

I pray

The hum of the fans under my house is mind numbing.  I am all about sleeping with a fan on to drown out the noises of the outside world...or white noise as they call it, but this noise is constant and loud.  It is making it impossible to hear or think.  I am thankful for the work these fans are doing, but I would love for them to do their work just a little quieter!

If I don't keep my mind preoccupied, I could really become angry with these sounds.  The cords are strung around my house to remind me of the damage that has been done.  I am constantly asking the girls not to touch any of the equipment.  It is about to drive me crazy!

When trying to ignore the sounds and turn from the temptation to worry about what may happen to our house, I have to turn to prayer.

Same with my everyday life...minus the fans and extra destruction we are facing.

Just life in general can be noisy!  But silence is golden!

When the worries and doubts of the day creep in...I pray.  When Satan tells me I have failed as a mother...I pray.  When my children are whiny...I pray.  When an unexpected bill (like for a plumber) appears...I pray.  When my daughter refuses to eat anything in the world besides goldfish and fruit...I pray.  When my daughter is not wanting to do her homework...I pray.  When I feel overwhelmed by the taxes that didn't get done today (true story, tried to complete my taxes but with all the construction work it didn't get done)...but I did pray.

Hopefully the buzz of these fans will only last a few days, but the other trials in life will be  forever...and with each one...I will pray!

Today's verse
"I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears."  Psalms 34:4

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