Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hold your it comes!

As I am typing, my heart is pounding!  At this time, I am usually picking up my Kindergartner from school.  But not today.  No, I went and had lunch with her and then waved goodbye and kissed her about 50 times before I drove away and left her at school.  You see, she was one of the first six students to get the most points in our Wednesday night program at church...YAY!  I am super proud of her and all her hard work of memorizing verses.  The treat is to go bowling and to get snow cones.  She is super excited, and don't get me wrong, so am I.  But, and there is always a but, this is the first time she is doing something like this without me.  She is a little nervous, but me on the other hand, I am very anxious.

Breath...1 Peter 5:7!

I know she will have fun.  I know she will be looked after.  I know she is growing up.  With the exception of one other family that she has spent time with, she has never been away from me unless it was with a member of our extended family.  I know the older my girls get, the more events will come up that do not include me.  With those separations will come anxieties, but with those anxieties will come more dependence on God!

During lunch she asked a little boy to sit with us.  We usually ask one of her little girlfriends, but today she decided to ask a boy.  She had told me she was thinking about doing this, and I just told her it was completely up to her.  He was a very sweet little boy and he made us laugh a lot!  But then something happened that made my mind really start reeling about the future!  Picture this...

My daughter and said little boy sitting on one side of the table and me and my youngest daughter on the other.  One other little boy from her class runs by to the trash can.  He then calls the little boy my daughter's boyfriend.  The adorable little boy sitting with us turns and says, "I am not her boyfriend now, but I might be one day."  Then he goes about talking to my daughter like it was no big deal.

Gasp...Catch your breath...1 Peter 5:7

Will I ever be ready for that?
I can barely grasp the thought of her going out on a church youth trip, much less dating!
How can I handle this?????

It is my job as a mother to pray for my children daily.  I have done this since before they were born.  I pray for their health, their safety, and yes I do even already pray for great and godly friends and boyfriends as well.  (It is never too early to start!)  But, most importantly, I pray they will love the Lord with all their hearts.  I pray they will never turn from Him.  I pray they will serve Him always.  I pray they will follow His will and obey Him now and forever.  I pray they will understand His grace, mercy and forgiveness and accept all He has done for them.

I will trust the Lord to hold my darlings' hands, to be with them always and especially when I am not with them.  They are my gift from God, and He has a plan for both of them.  I will lean on Him when I am nervous about their outings, and I will continue to pray everyday for them and His guidance while I do the best I can at being their Mommy!  I may hold my breath as they begin new adventures, but with our focus on our Heavenly Father we will be able to get through this thing called growing up!

Today's Verse
1 Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."

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