Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little Miracle

God is still the same God that performed the amazing miracles written about in the Bible, and He still performs miracles today!  I fully believe that.  Some things happen that no one can explain...medically, spiritually, and physically...those unexplained  occurrences can be summed up in one word...miraculous.

I can tell you miracles in my own life.  They might not seem miraculous to anybody else, but to me I know they only occurred by the hand of God.

I could also tell you of a recent miracle that occurred to a family in our church.  It is amazing and such a wonderful work of God.  But, that is not my story to tell.

So, I will tell you my recent mini-medical miracle.  You might think it insignificant.  But it was a wonderful miracle in my life and the life of my little girls.

Last fall I suffered from an infection in my hand.  My finger swelled to three times its normal size, and I was in excruciating pain.  I felt like a wimp, but I finally ended up at the hospital.   After a small procedure I was prescribed a lot of medicine.  For two weeks, I had to take two different kinds of the biggest most horrible pills four times a day.  I was sick and weak from the medicine, but my hand and finger was finally back to normal after a week of treatment.

Well last week it all began again.  I had the same beginning feelings for a few days. I prayed that I wouldn't have to go through that again.  But, by the third day I woke up to a huge finger and a lot of pain.  My husband was out of town, so my mind swirled with what would be the best thing to do.  When the girls and I read their devotion that morning it was about how God can heal you when you are sick.  It included great stories and verses and my favorite was this prayer...

From the Jesus Loves Me Devotional  by Angela and Ken Abraham

"A Promise When I am Sick"

Dear Jesus,
When I feel bad, sick or tired, I will trust You.  
Soothe all my aches, and take away the pain.  Help me to rest and feel
better.  Please help my family and friends not to worry.  Bless everyone
who is praying for me.  Thank You, Jesus, for healing me!  Amen.

I was reminded that God can and will answer our prayers!  He can heal us!  He can do anything according to His will.  We ask knowing He will answer.  We ask with the faith that He knows what is best.  And we thank Him in advance for however He moves in our lives.

The girls began to say their own prayers, and they prayed for my finger.  It was a precious time.  I then prayed myself for healing if possible and not to have to go back to the hospital or take that terrible medicine and go through that sickness.

By the next day the swelling had gone down significantly and within 3 days we could tell the infection was gone.

What blessed my heart the most from the whole experience, was the prayer from my daughter a few days later.  She thanked God over and over for healing mommy's finger!  Without me even explaining everything, she knew a miracle had happened!

I know it is not a huge medical miracle, but for our family it was big!  I know my girls will never forget our little miracle and I am thankful God uses little miracles to teach big lessons!

Today's Verse

Jeremiah 17:14

"Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise."


  1. I was blessed by reading your blog today. How precious to have your girls praying over you. I would say it was a huge miracle. Thank you for sharing! Lori K (OBS Group Leader)

  2. Thanks for sharing your miracle and how your girls prayed over you. It is a huge miracle and the beauty of seeing God answer your prayers and that of your girls.