Monday, June 3, 2013

Do your best!

My biggest little one had her first day of cheer-leading camp today!  We were super excited!  She had asked me lots of questions, and we had prepared the best we could.  We have never attended anything like this, so we were unsure of exactly what would take place.  I told her that no matter what, just try her best!  She was worried about not being able to do tricks or certain moves, but I reminded her as long as she did her best I would be proud!

When I picked her up she was beaming.  It seemed the girls had a wonderful time in the three short hours they were there.  They had tumbled and even got to do a pyramid with my little one on top!  Yikes!  She told me all about the cheers, the jumps, and even the high V and the low V.  I was excited for her.

I asked her if there were any other Kindergartners there besides the two other little girls I had spoken with.  That was when I was quickly informed that there were no Kindergartners there.

"Mom, we are officially first graders now, and Kindergartners were not allowed to come!"

I wanted to cry!

Both of my girls are growing so quickly!

My husband was listening to a Focus on the Family with Dr. Kevin Leman about Daddy's and their little girls.  He was telling me that Dr. Leman said your little girls will be grown and getting married before you know it.

I know this is true.  Time seems to be traveling at warp speed.  I cannot even begin to believe we are in the month of June.  The summer will be over and I will have a first grader and an official preschooler on my hands.  It seems like a blink of an eye and my oldest one was starting preschool and my little one was, well, still little!

I want them to try their best at everything.  Their obedience, in church activities, in schoolwork, in extra curricular activities.  I want them to do their best and I will always be proud.

And that is what God is asking of me as well!

I am trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up :)

What does God have in store as our family begins this next chapter?
Where would He have me serve, work, or volunteer?
When will He show me the right door to walk through?

These are questions on my mind...but they are not causing me stress :)

I know He will lead, guide, and show me just as He has always led our family.  And when that time comes, I will do my best.  I will say yes to the call and try with all my might to do what He wants me to do to the best of my abilities!

My husband and I had a nice dinner date on Friday night.  We talked about the last time his career seemed to be taking a turn.  We had wanted to act before we got the go-ahead from God.  We had wanted to quit and move ahead on several occasions.  But we stuck it out, and with great results.  If we had acted just one day too quickly, we would have missed out on a huge blessing!

I am waiting for God's timing, and I am waiting as patiently and to the best of my abilities.  Until then, I love being the wife, mother and occasional writer that He has called me to be now.  I will look to Him in prayer, in reading, and wait for the green light!  I know it's coming, and I will do my best when I get the go ahead!

Today's Verse
 Colossians 3:17 "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him."

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