Thursday, May 30, 2013

Too blessed to be stressed!

Have you heard that saying?  Too blessed to be stressed.

Well, today I am declaring that I am blessed that I am stressed!

No I have not lost my mind, at least I don't think I have!  I am simply looking at my stresses and rembering they are caused by my blessings.

I am stressed for my husband...his health, his safety while driving his two hours to far away work or even just thirty minutes to close work or every time he gets on a plane, his job and career, I stress over the fact he gets stressed with all his responsibilities!  But I am forever thankful that he is who God chose for me.  We can share each others burdens and even when we are stressed, we are so blessed just to have each other...stresses and all!

I am stressed over my girls...their health, their safety, their growth, school work, extra curricular activities, friends, gossip,  future name it and I have worried or stressed over it! But these two precious gifts from God, no matter how much stress they may cause me now or in the future, are my blessings.  And for that I feel blessed to be stressed!

I am stressed over decisions we have in our lives right now.  Questions we seek answers to.  Uncertainties we are facing.  But those stresses are blessings too! Blessings because I have a holy God to turn to.  Blessed because we have the One who has it all under control, a heavenly Father working in our lives right now, and no matter what the outcome of any of our stresses...He is still there and still holds us through it all!  I am blessed to be His child, and that fact will never change!

I am stressed over financial issues...a bad roof, a bad ac, car issues, rising grocery bills, rising gas bills, and the list goes on and on.  But we will make it through!  I would have never dreamed we would still be living in this house 9 years ago, but God has not seen fit for us to move and we are thankful for every material blessing He had given us, no matter how much work it needs!

I am stressed over family issues.  I have a large extended family, and although that can be wonderful, it can also be stressful.  I pray for them, and I love them no matter what!  And even though they can cause me stress with the ups and downs, they are still a least I think so ;)

So yes this book Stressed-Less Living is amazing, but it is not going to make all my stresses disappear.  But I do know that I can trace every stress or worry I have back to a blessing, and indeed I am blessed that I have people and things and decisions to be stressed about, and a Saviour that cares that I am stressed and asks me to give Him all my cares because He cares for me!
Every stressful situation is one more opportunity to grow closer to Him.

Today's Verse
"For the Lord God will help me". Isaiah 50:7a


  1. Amen! Beautifully written......blessed to be stressed. Thank you Lord for your blessings and may I look at them as such. Forgive me for focusing on the stress. May I count each blessing with a heart of gratitude & thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you Melanie! And I saw where you won the giveaway, so cool! Congrats!

  2. Well done. I'm glad you are looking at the stresses in life as blessings. We all should consider how blessed we are if we have family, a job, a home, and food to eat. I so agree with that. We just have to work on not worry over our "blessings". We are all aiming to be more like Jesus.
    Love and prayers,
    B. Prince, OBS small group leader

  3. That's so true! What a great and healthy way to look at life! I'm also practicing to be thankful to God for everything I have. When I wake up, I remind myself that "This is the day that the Lord has made I'll be glad and rejoice in it", I feel grateful to God for every Sunrise and Sunset I see, for being able to live and experience his holy presence in every moment of my life.

    God is here! He is, and He always will be ;)



    1. That is one of my favorite verses. My girls and I sing it almost every morning! Thank you Olga!