Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We have recently had to deal with two animal fatalities in our household.  It has been sad, but has been taken very well by our girls.

First, our snail Nella passed away last week.  I feel horrible that I did not realize she was in need of help.  If I had noticed her struggles, she could have been saved.  You see, she loved to climb on the castle inside of her tank.  But it appears she actually tried to go through the little doorway of the castle, and she became stuck.  I am not sure how long she was actually there.  It could not have been more that a day or two, because our girls checks on them all them time.  But nevertheless, she had died after not being able to escape.  I am not sure if it was the lack of food or lack of movement, but we were sad that we hadn't discovered her in time.

Our next accident happened to our little bird family living on our porch.  We have watched the mommy and daddy bird build the nest, care for the eggs, the small birdies hatch, they were fed and grew to little birds ready to fly.  We watched them practice.  There were five in all, but only four seemed strong enough to make it.  There was one bird that was the little runt.  He probably didn't get fed the same amount.  Not his fault, he just couldn't make his was to the front of the nest.  He struggled trying to fly and he just wasn't as strong as his siblings.  We had to move him from behind our van as we left for church on Sunday.  He was just hopping along, barely able to leave the ground.  But when we were leaving for VBS last night we noticed he had been run over.

Both instances were sad, but both seemed to be from a lack of nourishment.  Nella would have made it if we had been able to move her and she could eat.  Little birdie could have made it if he could have been able to eat more and grow a little stronger.

Nourishment is a must for survival.  And all I can keep thinking when I am reminded of our little animal friends is that we need to be nourished not just by food but by Word also.

I get stuck in a rut where my devotion seems like a thing that must be done, a check on my list, an obligation that I must fulfill.  It is not nourishing my soul.  I am not really spending the heart to heart quality time I need in order to be my best for the Lord.  Without that real time in God's Word and time in prayer, I am dying inside.  My soul is empty feeling.  I have a negative outlook.  My temper is shorter.  I focus on the bad and not my Shepard.  The list of bad goes on and on the longer I am detached from what I am reading and praying.  I am not allowing the nourishment to really strengthen me.

Nourishment goes beyond food for the Christian.  True nourishment can only happen when we are seeking God's face on a daily basis.  Seeking His strength, His will, His joy, His forgiveness, the mercy and grace that only He can give us when we stop what we are doing and really consume from His Word.   Nourishment doesn't just happen, I have to really fight for it just like the little birdies in the nest.

Today's Verse
Job 5:8-9 "I would seek unto God, and unto God would I commit my cause:
Which doeth great things and unsearchable; marvelous things without number:"

The nourishment my soul requires and all the marvelous benefits God has to offer are mine for the taking...I just have to seek it with my whole being and commit my ways to Him!  Without it I cannot grow and my spirit is not refreshed.  But with it, I am stronger, happier and a brighter light for my Savior.  

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