Monday, April 22, 2013

Mirror Mirror...

As many of you know, we have been doing some renovations to our little house.  It has been fun and exciting as well as tiring and trying.  Even though I am not a big shopper, I have enjoyed picking out new fixtures and shower curtains and accessories for our two bathrooms.  I have tried to match colors and decorate (something I am not too good at) on a budget.  I have to say, we are really happy about the final look.

We have painted our master bathroom a pale yellow and my husband hung new lights last weekend.  We have joked about having to wear sunglasses in there.  IT IS BRIGHT!  The new lights with the yellow makes you feel like you are in a sunny location.  I even found a picture that says "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine".  I was so excited because I love that song, and because I feel like I can see the sun in the bathroom :).

But, there are some downsides to this brightness...the reflection in the mirror.  I can see every line, every scar, every imperfection, every thing I don't want to see.  Talk about HD; this new set up is completely HD!

This new view of the face staring back at me is not exactly how I would like to see myself.  Just like really reflecting on my many stressful habits and worries is not how I want to see my inside self either.   Working through this Bible study on stress has forced me to take a long look in the mirror of life, and it is not always pretty.  It is hard to break down the issues I would like control over, the anxieties that I feel, the questions I would like answers to, and the stress and chaos that I have tried to pass off as normal.  When I take a good look at the effects these things are having on my life and my family's lives, I know I need to change.

In chapter 2 of the Stressed-Less Living book I had to fill out a stress-assessment chart.  I found myself answering the same word for the last question..."Do you have control or power to change this problem?"  My response was simply "Prayer".

Prayer must be my response.  I have no real control of the outcomes, but I can control if I hand those questions and situations over to God.  I can choose to pray during a stressful day and letting His peace help and heal me.  I can control praying when I am dealing with old hurts, or new hurts, or annoying people, or concerns for the future and allowing God to take away the stress it causes.

Making it a point to spend that time with God daily is the one thing I can control, and I will choose to do that rather than sit and try to solve things myself and stress over the outcome that I have zero control over!

Today's Verse
Proverbs 3:6
"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

When we acknowledge the reflection in the mirror can't handle the stresses of life alone, we can be certain He will direct our paths!

Mirror Mirror on the wall
I used to be the most stressed of all
But I am learning to fully rely on my Father above
Who has promised to guide me and forgive me 
And fill me with His love

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  1. Wonderful reminder that we need to just Pray! BTW, I love that hymn, "I've Got a Mansion".