Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sleep Sleep Sleep

I am tired.  I need to sleep more.  I refuse to go to bed earlier.  It is not that I am doing important, life changing things, I just stay up way past my bedtime.  I need to get in the bed earlier for my family, my health, and also to resist the devil.  When I am tired, I can get cranky and that can lead to sin in the form of anger and bad attitudes.

Sleep is especially hard to come by when my other half is in another state.  When he travels I am not only gripped with sadness, but fear seems to appear right before bed.  If I let my mind get away with me, I can think of so many horrible things that could happen.  If I am honest, I say I am letting my kids sleep with me because they miss Daddy, but I really want them with me.  I want us to pile up in the bed and lock the bedroom door!

I spoke of the Book of Psalms yesterday and the verses that can help us with sadness.  There are also so many that can help us deal with fear.  Fear can grip us at any time about so many things!  We could fear every step we make if we give in to the deceiver.  He can make us fear anything.  It can rob us from rest, it can rob us from peace, and it can rob us serving the One that provides relief from all our fears.  We know to fear God, but not man (Ps 56:4 and 118:6)

Today's Verse
"I will both lay me down in peace and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.  Ps 4:8

That verse can put me to sleep when my girls and I are home alone.  It can put me to sleep when I am thinking about everything that is going on around me and fear grips me.  It can put me to sleep when I think about the state of our world and when so many thoughts and worries come at me from all sides.  It became my ultimate verse when I was pregnant for the second time and was dreading the scheduled C-section.  I had no fears with my first child, but knowing I was going to have to have the surgery with my second paralyzed my with fear to the point of no sleep.  This verse was my life line and sent from God above to coax me to sleep.

Use it today.  Sleep in peace no matter your circumstances.  Sleep in peace wherever you are.  Sleep in peace and put the worries that can creep up at you in the night far behind you.  Sleep Sleep Sleep in peace! 

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