Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quaking and Shaking

I have had a topic in mind for today, but I am going to have to add to the content.  Although that does happen to me a lot, it is for different reasons today.  I usually sit down with a subject matter in mind, but my fingers start typing and sometimes something completely different just comes out.  I really feel the Holy Spirit lay something else upon my heart at the last minute.  Today I do want to discuss the changes in our lives as school is getting ready to begin (like I had originally planned to write about). I want to talk about how nervous I feel as we get ready for orientation in a little while.  I feel like I am quaking and shaking with anxiousness for my oldest daughter.  But, wait, I was just actually quaking and shaking.  It is not just from nervousness of her beginning a new year with a new teacher and new friends, but we actually just felt the trimor from the Richmond, VA earthquake.

I was rocking my youngest to sleep for nap and reading an article in the Focus on the Family magazine.  My oldest was on her nap mat on the floor beside me.  I felt shaking.  My eyes grew larger and I looked around.  My oldest saw my expression and asked "What is it Mommy?"  I asked her if she felt anything and she said no, but again wanted to know what was wrong.  I told her nothing and to rest.  I was certain I had felt shaking and I saw the things on the dresser and shelves moving.  We live near an army base, so we have heard things explode before, but nothing like this.  It wasn't long before the phone calls started.  "Were we ok?  Did we feel it?  Turn on your TV!!!!!"

Sure enough it was an earthquake and I wasn't crazy - things had definitely been quaking and shaking.  I am glad the Lord kept me calm.  I am glad He is keeping me calm right now.  I am a little worried about what this means and could it happen again, but my family is in His hands!

Today's verses
Nahum 1:5-7
"The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence...his fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him.  The Lord is good, a strong-hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him."

I am so glad He knows me!  He caused the quaking today for a reason.  We do not know that reason, but he caused it.  But He is "good" and He is my "strong-hold".  Today is a day of trouble.  Not just because of the uncertainty of the future concerning other tremors, but because of the uncertainty of what the future holds for this upcoming school year.  I will be nervous tonight as we walk through the doors, but just like this afternoon, I will not show it.  I want her to feel the calmness and know we depend on God for protection and guidance through the new year.  I want her to see that He is our strong-hold!  I may be quaking and shaking inside, but I will pray for the strength to show her security and peace as we begin this new chapter.  We fear nothing, because He is with us!

And hey, it is just preschool - it's not like it's freshman orientation at college.  Don't even think about that!  That does make me quake and shake a little!!!!!

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