Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lift Me Up

I had no idea that as I read a devotion about sadness to my girls, that I would be hit by sadness later in the afternoon.  We talked on how it is ok to feel sad.  We talked about reasons we felt sad.  But, we also talked about how there is a rainbow after a rainy day, the chances to make lemonade with lemons, and turning your frown upside down.  My example of a time I feel sad is when Daddy has to travel.  I talked about how blessed we were because he had not had to leave lately.  Little did I know he would be leaving in two days (today), very unexpectedly.  Little did I know I would be feeling that empty feeling that comes with the traveling.  (I am not trying to make you feel bad honey! XOXOXO) It is a sinking feeling when he is away.  A nervousness that is unlike any other anxious feeling.  It is just plain sadness knowing I will be facing life here in NC without my other half while he is a few states away.

But, we know we have a Friend with us always.  We know we have someone we can lean on constantly.  We know  we can cry out in our sadness and He will hear us.  Isn't it a relief to say "we know".  It's never a maybe He is listening, maybe He can help me, it is a FIRM "we KNOW"!

The Book of Psalms is full of great verses that speaks to my heart, especially when I am down.  David was a man after God's heart, yet he experienced sadness.  He speaks candidly about feeling down and even refers to being in "the pit", but his praises to the Heavenly Father always raised him up.  Ps 30:1 says "I will extol thee, O LORD; for thou hast lifted me up..." and later in verse 11 we read "Thou hast turned my mourning into dancing..."

Verse for Today
Ps 73:23 "Nervertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hands."

Although David is not listed as the author of this Psalms, it is still someone who was having a down time and clearly needing answers to some questions.  The author, at the end of the chapter, acknowledges who is in control.  We are always our Lord's child, and He does hold our hand through the rough times.  Even when we are as deflated as a popped balloon, He is there to take away our sadness in His timing.  No matter the circumstances, we can know He will show us a spot of joy even through the sadness.  Yes, I am going to miss my husband dearly, but maybe I will get to work on my scrapbooking and paint my toenails, that's my glimmer of joy! ; ) And, I know he is safe in God's hands while he is away!

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