Thursday, February 16, 2012

Memories and Meltdowns

When we were in Florida last week, we had the crazy idea to visit all four Disney theme parks in four days.  This led to some serious fun but serious exhaustion as well.  You could stay for a week and still not see everything the city of Orlando has to offer as far as FUN is concerned.  I had to laugh quietly to myself as we took the dreaded bus trip home from the Magic Kingdom. That had been our second day and our longest by far.  We were there soon after the park opened and stayed until the gates were closing.  The little kiddos on our bus were all about to pass out, my girls included. Little heads bobbed as their eys struggled to stay open.   I thought to myself how many fun memories had just been made by all the families on the bus.  But that is not to say there were no bad moments as well. 

When traveling with toddlers and preschoolers, tantrums and breakdowns are bound to happen.  I decided the Disney people might want to add the byline:  Happiest place on earth - full of fun memories and meltdowns! 

The meltdown portion was very evident at a stage show we attended.  It was geared just for those ages two to six.  It was all their favorite characters and lots of singing and interaction.  The problem is, the time of the show was right after lunch.  In our world and generally the world of so many two to six year olds, this time equals nap time.  Oh there was laughing and excitement as the show started, but by the end, you could hear the whining and the crying starting to creep up all around us.  (We were embarrassed that even Granddaddy had nodded off during the show.)

Something the kids adored so much, but they just couldn't make it through.  They were just so tired.  They wanted to have fun.   They loved the show.  It was not their fault that they were having a whiney meltdown moment.  This was nap time.  Nap time is crucial for a fun filled evening to occur. 

Just like a trip to Disney, our whole life is going to be full of ups and downs, memories and meltdowns, triumphs and tantrums.  How will we handle the negatives?  Will we only dwell on the bad?

Today's Verses
"I will remember the works of the LORD:  surley I will remember thy wonders of old.  I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings."  Psalms 77:11-12

If I only looked at the few bad parts of the trip... the few times when the girls were whining, when they were tired and a little fussy, or when the bus and boat transportation was not going just exactly how we wanted it, it would overshadow the most important parts.  The fun memories that were made are what I want to dwell on, not the meltdowns. 

The same is true in my life.  I want to mediate on all the wonderful things God has done in my life.  There are so many blessings.  There are things I take for granted.  There are things I am not thankful for that I should be.  Yes, there have been some disappointments.  Yes, I have had some meltdowns from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  Yes, there are some prayers and concerns currently in my life.  But I want to focus on the positive.  I want to be thankful for the works and wonders God has performed in my life.  I want to tell others of His love and blessings.  Let's focus on the good memories and the many more to come!  Every single day, not just a Disney day, is the chance to make good memories and focus on the blessings in our lives.

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