Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wash Wash Wash

I believe my little Valentine had a fabulous birthday yesterday. We made a beautiful birthday cake shaped like a butterfly (my first time "carving" a cake to decorate).  I posted a picture below.  We had a fun party at her preschool.  It was exciting getting to be in her class for the afternoon.  I have not had that chance this school year, and I loved getting to really meet and talk with all her classmates.  The students were all very appreciative for the party, and I loved helping them decorate their Valentine boxes and pass out their cute Valentines.  The boys and the girls are in the "cootie" stage.  Do you remember that stage?  Where the girls think the boys have cooties and the boys do not want to be near the girls.  So funny!

After the grandparents came for over for supper, I was forced to do the dreaded cleanup from the day.  And it had been a long day.  I was tired, but I cannot make myself go to bed with a dirty kitchen.  Thankfully I had used a hostess's best friend...throw away plates and cups!  But even so, there were plenty of things to be washed.  I made my piles.  I had a pile that I would place in the dishwasher, and the pile that I would hand wash.  My hand wash pile seemed soooo much bigger!

Yes I do still hand wash a lot of dishes.  In fact, I hand wash dishes pretty much every night.  I think it just runs in my blood because my mother is the same way.  My friend who used to live in NC before moving to GA used to get so mad at me for not using my dishwasher more.  She did not have one in her first house, and had to hand wash everything.  She could not understand why I wouldn't use my dishwasher!  (I miss you AWC!)

Here's the thing I discovered last night.  Some things are of course not dishwasher safe.  I had used some of my serving pieces, and I never put them in the dish washer.  My mom has started giving me a Le Creuset piece for Christmas every year, and I only ever hand wash them as well.  But even things that are deemed "safe" for the dishwasher, I just feel like I can do such a better job washing them myself.  I can get them more clean.  I can make sure it is just right.  I can do all the washing!

What parts of my life do I feel the same way about?  Are there parts that I try to "hand wash" myself and not let the Lord handle?  Are their aspects I think I can do a better job at than He can? 

I know I am guilty of this.  I have tried to "hand wash" too many problems. "Oh I can handle this little problem.  It is no big deal." "Do I really need to pray about that?"  "Yes I have a plan and my plan will work!"  These thoughts can be a detriment to our lives.  God wants to be involved in every decision, every problem, every single circumstance we go through.  He wants to be consulted.  He wants to be included.  He wants to be in control.  There is no way we can handle anything in our lives better than He can!

"He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good:  and whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy is he."  Proverbs 16:20

Trusting in the Lord is a guarantee of happiness, and I believe that trusting Him with every part of our lives is the ONLY way to handle our matters wisely.  Don't try to "wash" everything yourself, give it ALL to God.  He can "wash" it ALL!

I still plan to hand wash my dishes most nights, but days I do decide to use my trusty dishwasher I admit I enjoy the break.  The other thing about hand usually provides a great time for prayer.  As I am washing away...I can give every care and concern about my day over to the Lord to wash and take care of.

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