Monday, February 27, 2012

A whole 24 hours

Have you ever had a week you dreaded?  You knew it was coming up on the calendar, but you just simply were not looking forward to it.  Maybe you had a deadline or an appointment or something was going to be taking place at work, and you just wished you could fast forward through it.  I have been looking upon this week with some dreadful thoughts.  There are several reasons for my negativity about this last week in February/first week in March. 

First of all, can you believe we are already in March?  WOW!  Where is 2012 going so fast?  Slow down please, I need to catch my breath!!!!  Second, our calendar is filled with dreaded doctor and dentist appointments all week long, with four appointments to be exact.  My oldest daughter is getting the dreaded school shots!  Ouchie!   And I have to begin the procedures to fix a badly broken tooth.   Another ouchie!  Third dreaded point, getting our taxes done...enough said!  And trust me, there is a fourth and a fifth and a sixth reason to dread this week, but I will not bore you with all the details. 

So I mentally told myself this morning to try to find some positives in the week.  Plan some fun crafts for the girls.  See if there was anything special we might could do to take our minds off the dread. 

First, I remembered how happy we are that March 1st is this week.  Besides the fact it is my niece's birthday (Yay Kyla!!!), it is also a happy happy day here in Angier, NC.  March 1st equals the reopening of our beloved ice cream shop, Sunny Skys!!!!  We have to make it through the long winter months with not having any of the delicious, homemade flavors we love so very much.  But on March 1st the wait is over, and we can finally enjoy that cold, sweet goodness again.  So check one for happy moments and not dread.

Second, with all these Dr. appointments, Daddy gets to stay home more.  The girls love it when Daddy is home from work!  They will be so very happy, so check two!

Third, it hits me...we get a WHOLE EXTRA DAY!  I am always wishing there was a little more time to complete the things on my list.  Doesn't everybody wish for a few extra hours here or there? Well this year, we get a whole extra 24 hours.   Well if that is not a positive in the middle of a few negatives, I don't know what is.  One whole extra day!

It only comes around every four years, so how will I use my extra 24 hours?  Will it just be another "regular" day? 

We've heard it said every day is a gift from God.  Do we treat our days with that attitude?  Even on the regular days or the dreaded days, do we have the attitude of praising and serving the Lord.  I  want my even my "regular" 24 hours to be lived for Him.  So, this extra 24 hours will be no exception.  I will continue to be thankful for each day He gives me knowing that "For me to live is Christ,"  (Phil 1:21).  I want my extra day to be a day for God, just like everyday should be.

Today's Verses
"But I will hope continually and will yet praise thee more and more.  My mouth shall show forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day; for I know not the numbers thereof."  Psalms 71:14-15

I am still going to praise God "more and more" even on those days of dread.  " I will hope continually" knowing even my dreaded days are in His hands, and I will "show forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day." being thankful for my Savior.

 A whole extra 24 hours to be thankful and hopeful and simply full of praise for the Maker of our days!  Now that is something positive in a week with a few negatives. 

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