Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So I did something crazy today.  And yes I do something crazy everyday, but I can honestly say I have never done this.  I was on the cordless house phone while getting ready to go pick up my kindergartner.  I was buckling in my toddler and still just chatting away.  I was almost ready to pull out when it occurred to me that my phone would cut off if I left the driveway.  I made the confession to the person on the other line, which thankfully was my husband who already knows I am a little crazy, and I told him I'd have to call him back on my cell.  I kept the house phone with me because I had already locked up the house.

The entire time I was away from home, the screen read "searching".  The phone was searching for that home signal that meant it could be used.  It wasn't usable without that signal.  If I had needed to make a call, I would have to use my cell phone.  The phone had everything needed to dial a number, but without that home power source, it was simply useless.

We are like that phone.  We are searching for what God will have us to do.  We want to be used.  We want to be an instrument for Him.  But our purpose and tasks have to be arranged by Him.  We can't take matters into our own hands and say, "I am going to be a great worker for God and this is how "I" am going to do it."  Without His power and His leading, we cannot carry out the job He has for us.  We will simply be lost and searching with no real use when we are not within His plan.

Do you pray before answering a call to serve?

I am guilty of not seeking God's guidance before volunteering for projects or taking on a huge task.  In the past I would immediately say, "Oh I would love to do that job!", only to feel overwhelmed a few days later.  I have learned through some heartache that I cannot do every job I feel I am called to do.  I have to be sure I am in range of His signal so that I am being useful and doing exactly what He wants me to do.  It's okay to say no when we feel the Holy Spirit is leading us in another direction.

Today's Verse
"Thus saith the LORD, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go."  Isaiah 48:17

This is my daughter's memory verse for the week and I LOVE IT!  It kinda goes along with the post from yesterday as well.  He is our Redeemer and He will lead us in the way we should go!  We have to seek His guidance before we take on a task.  It is necessary to get His approval before saying yes.  Things will go so much more smoothly if we are in His range of signal and then we can truly be used.

My phone went right back to normal as soon as I pulled back into my driveway.  It had found its source of power and was no longer searching.  I am so glad I know my Source of Power as well, and I pray He will use me however He sees fit!

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