Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The name game

So we have two new members in our family.  Before you jump to any conclusions...they are pets!  Our girls are now the proud owners of a beta fish and a water snail.  The weekend was full of excitement as we have prepared to go purchase these little creatures.  My oldest daughter was excited about meeting a fish "expert" and she was super excited to pick out her new little responsibility.

When we approved the girls' choices, we were pleased with their decision.  But, I have to say I was even more pleased with their name choices.  You never know what could come out of a little ones mouth sometimes, and naming a family pet is an important decision.  My oldest daughter had said she wanted to see her fish before she decided on a name...so mature!  I was expecting to have to guide and direct them to a good name, but boy did they prove me wrong.  When we started our trip home with our new pets I posed the "What are we going to name them?" question.  Without much debate the fish, which belongs to my oldest daughter, was named Tuffie (because he is a fighting fish), and the water snail, which belongs to my youngest daughter, was named Nella.

Nella and Tuffie are making themselves at home and they are enduring the endless taps on the glass and four gawking eyes.

I was reminded of choosing a name for my girls when we were expecting their arrival.  Names are important and remain with you for a lifetime.  We debated and compared and made lists and read books.  Deciding on that final name was a hard decision.  We thought of initials and nicknames and even what the name could rhyme with.   I wish picking out the girls' names would have been as easy as our pet's names were.  When we finally agreed on our choice, I felt such a huge relief.

I think God puts a big emphasis on names as well.  Throughout the Old Testament, we read long, long, and did I mention long, lists of names from the tribes and priests and the genealogies.   Just today I was reading in 1 Chronicles and the lists of names seemed to be endless.  We can contemplate what the importance of the these names might be, but one thing is certain...God cares about each and every person, and He has a reason for those names to be listed.  He knows and loves His children.  He has named the stars (Psalms 147:4) and He has made us and called us by our name as well (Isaiah 43:1).

Today's Verses
"I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.  As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father:  and I lay down my life for the sheep."  John 10:14-15

When we have accepted Jesus and know that He died for us, we become His.  That is the most important name we could ever have...child of God.  He knows us by name (Psalms 91:14); He laid down His life for us, and when we accept Him we are His forever!  He has written His children's names down in the book of life (Rev 20:15 and 21:27), never to be erased!

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