Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bring on the Fall and a pen.

There is going to be a chill in the air this weekend in good old NC.  There will be some nights where the temps will be in the 40s.  BURRRR!  The Fall season is upon us, and although I know there will still be a chance for 80 degree days in October, they will be fewer and fewer.  I love Fall, but cold weather is not my favorite.  I have read in an email before, that one way you know you live in NC is you have to run your heat and your AC in the same day.  That has happened several days in October for our family.

I am trying to prepare today for the inevitable chillier weather.  We are going through boxes of clothes trying to figure out who can wear what and what needs to be purchased.  I hate doing this.  It is a never ending task.  Not to mention, that there are clothes everywhere and we can hardly walk in the girls' rooms.  I am just dreading every time the phone rings, praying it is not somebody wanting to come look at the house.  Wouldn't that be lovely right now.  Sure you can come, but please avoid knocking over the massive piles of clothes everywhere.

I am mindful of two things as I look at all these articles of clothing.  One, we have way too much stuff.  We are endlessly blessed by the material things we have.  Our devotion today was about how material things should never be more important than people.  I pray my girls never view having clothes or toys or other possessions as more important than family and friends.   I fear in today's society, possessions are often placed above the true meaning for our lives.

Number two, was how quickly time has gone by this year.  Every year seems to go faster for some reason.  I seriously feel like it was just Christmas, yet we are entering October.  Yikes!  I usually have a good deal of Christmas shopping done by now.  I am very very behind.

Only appropriate our verse for today is:
"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Ecc 3:1

Each age and season brings something new to look forward to.  I pray the Fall season will be the best one yet!  Each season of life is full of milestones and memories.  Memories that I want to keep forever.  I am going to begin a new page on the blog that will hold memories.  I know these will be more for my benefit than anyone elses, but there are things the girls say and do everyday that I want to keep.  The Lord first kindled this love of writing and words when I became a stay-at-home-mom and started journaling more.  I urge anyone who does not keep their thoughts written down, to just try it.  I would love to do it more than I have a chance to.  It is not only the way to look back on our memories, but to me it is such an easier way to express my thought and prayers to God in written form.  And, although I know the Holy Spirit intercedes for us in prayer when we are unable to speak what is on our minds (Rom 8:26), I find I am able to talk to the Lord so much more openly in letter form.  He can read you know!

I do hope you will consider this thought and try it for the upcoming season.  Keep the memories close to your heart and your written prayers to the Lord in your mind.  The most fun of all is to go back and put big checks by the things He has answered for you.  I love a good check mark!  Bring on the Fall and the pen.

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