Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These are a few of my NOT so favorite things...

Sickness, unorganized things, packing, dusting, whining, and ticking clocks are just a few of my not so favorite things.  I also have to include when technology does not do what I want it to do and dentist visits.  The final two are what I am dealing with today.  First, I had worked a while on a post yesterday.  Then when I went to "publish post" it said my session had timed out and it only saved the first little bit.  Nap was almost over, and I didn't have time to retype it.  The funny part was, my verses for the day was 1 Thes 5:16-18 "Rejoice evermore.  Pray without ceasing.  In everything give thanks: for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning you."  I had to not be upset.  I had just talked about giving thanks and rejoicing no matter what.  Man, that was a way to seriously practice what I preached.  So before crying and whining (which is part of my not so favorite things), I had to know there was a reason for me not to post yesterday.

Now, for the dentist visits, so not cool either!  My oldest daughter will be going to have a cavity filled.  We brush her teeth and are very mindful of what she eats, yet she has a cavity.  I am nervous.  She is nervous.  We are completely relying on God to get us through this!  Our devotion yesterday was about how some things in life just are not fair.  We don't know why bad things happen, but we will understand one day when we get in heaven.  For now, we have to accept it and ask the Lord to help us through it.  I told Macie that her cavity was a perfect example.  It doesn't seem fair at all!  We want to be upset about, but it is happening for a reason.  If nothing else, we pray that the dentist office staff will see God's love through us today!

Now what are some of your not so favorite things?  How about some favorites?

Hugs from my girls, notes from my husband, reading, writing, the beach, organizing things, cooking, and the list could really be endless.  What about my favorite favorite favorites?  God's love.  Showing God's love.  Living God's love.  Spending time with God to better understand His love.

I've told you about the peace I feel when I sit down with my Bible.  That peace is what is going to get us through today.  The peace and lots of prayer.  Prayers that I know He hears.  Prayers that I know He answers.  Prayers that don't have to be perfect.  Prayers to the ultimate Healer.

Today's Verse
"But verily God hath heard me; he hath attended to the voice of my prayer."

Today the girls' devotion was about prayers.  Oh how He knows what we need to hear everyday.  It was another perfect topic for my child going through so much right now.  It had a fill in the blank prayer at the end.  It asked for some of her favorite things.  Do you know, she said EVERYTHING!  Everything is her favorite.  She can't really distinguish between the good and the bad.  She just knows she is thankful for everything!  She knows God hear's her.  Her prayers, for a four year old, make me so proud as a mom.  She talks to Him like He is right there; and He is.  He is right there listening to us 24/7 - 365 - and 366 every four years!

My favorite things are anything to do with Him and especially teaching my girls about His love.  I am so glad He hears us.  He get us through the Not so favorite parts of our days!

So yesterday was about favorite things in a whole different way.  I have put the small part that was saved.  It is about a game we play at supper.  Supper...another favorite thing.  Cleaning up after, not my favorite thing. But, the joy of our family meal is worth it!

We have a thing we do some nights while eating our supper.  We go around the table and talk about some of our favorite parts of our day.  This way the girls can share their fun activities with Daddy, and Daddy can in turn tell us something interesting that might have happened during his day.  It is a wonderful habit, as is family dinner together, that I hope continues in our house for years to come.  I get a little emotional as I imagine teenagers sitting there, and I pray that even in those tough years, they will want to share with mom and dad the happenings in their world.

We all have a few that we say everyday.  Daddy always says coming home is the best part.  Macie always says  when Daddy came home is one of her favorite things.  I always say that nap time was a great part!  But, we share other stories too.  There is crafts we might have done, lessons and devotion time activities that were interesting.  Interesting stories of people's lives being saved by wearing one of daddy's vest (daddy makes bullet proof vests).  What went down on the preschool playground that day.  Emmie's adventures in discovering everything and learning to talk and sing and everything an 18 month old is learning.  There are always some constants and always something new.

That's all that was saved, and maybe in the future I can finish what happened.  Writing is a favorite, but losing everything I had worked on...not so much!  I do encourage you to try this at your table and make it a favorite part of your day and memories!

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